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KAT-TUN MANUAL — Tanaka Koki — 17.3.13

KAT-TUN MANUAL — 田中 聖 Tanaka Koki

I went to watch Johnny's World today
Speaking of juniors, I thought I could really learn something.
Like how Yamada can do such a good job at that age in that career, and how high the deviation of the faces of Sexy Zone seems to always have, Juri, dancing under directions and Fuuma *tefunnayo etc laughs
The Jr. Mansion started from us evolved a lot
When Kame-chan appeared in the video clip, something suddenly came out of his body, so I felt a weird throb laughs
If something like that were to be put into our concert, it's good
We are definitely going to do it this year
I'm already trembling because I want to meet everyone so much

I love you

Then arri arri arri arri arrivederci

-- "tefunnayo" is something that I really don't know no matter how hard I find!

-- "Arrivederci" means "Goodbye" in Italian. Ctrl+F the word here.

Ooooo, he updated on Sunday! I didn't know! LOL! XD The App should have an alarm, haha! XD

Koki always write difficult stuff, or profound stuff, etc.. LOL! He's very funny, I like him the best after Jin left~ Next is Kame, lol~~ XD

Oyasuminasai! ♥♥

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