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Koyama's Member Ai ★LOVE 844★

小山慶一郎 の メンバー愛
LOVE 844
1 March 2013

It's location filming today Because I don't have much time now
I will update tomorrow.

Tomorrow okay-

See you tonight at Theatre


Yesterday, I was at Miyagi Prefecture. Today, I'm doing a coverage in Iwate Prefecture!!

Then, I met up with my friend from university days
After such a long time

My friend who had just given birth, and was busy with work, looking after the baby and household chores, could hardly sync his time with mine.

We went for yakiniku (barbecue)-.

The screensaver on his phone,
Was a picture of his wife holding their baby

So nice~

We caught up with each other,
It was fun-.

Please also take a rest from time to time ne, Chankapaana-tachi!!

It's also good that one can get the time to progress slowly-

Step by step


Ooooo Leader really updates every Monday and Friday!! Lol~~ XD

♥ Mata ashita!! ♥

Sorry I'm late!! Was busy celebrating my birthday since Friday! Lol!! Today (March 3rd) is my actual day though, haha!! XD

Is Koyama envious of his friend who has a baby?! Lol! Then quickly get married and have his own baby!! Lol!! Our cute leader will surely have a cute child!! XD

Jyane!! ❤❤

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