Monday, 4 March 2013 @ 22:50

Koyama's Member Ai ★LOVE 845★

小山慶一郎 の メンバー愛
LOVE 845
4 March 2013

Goot morning

I bought a DVD of a cat-shaped robot to watch at home

There are lots of wonderful stories-.
A relaxed boy,
So cute (laughs)

I also have the figurine of the cat-shaped robot in the restroom

I like the character, but I think I don't really know the story, so I bought the DVD to watch it

And and,

I'm working now as a member of NEWS

Forward forward

Let's have fun

Lol!! Isn't that robot called DORAEMON?!?! So the cute relaxing boy is Nobita?!?! Lol!!

I can't believe leader doesn't know the story!! XD Come, Koyama, let me tell you the story of why Doraemon has no ears, how he came about in Nobita's house and etc!! XD

I wish!! XD

Bye!! ❤

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