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11 March 2013

It's been 2 years since the earthquake.

Today, again, I've come to the disaster areas. In the past 2 years, I've continued to watch over these areas.

Non-progressive reconstruction.

The victims are slowly picking up their lives and emotions and progressing forward, but the reconstruction of the towns are not catching up with this emotion.

From now on, everyone, let's think about, "What can we do?".

I asked one of my interviewees
This question.

What can we do for the areas struck by the disaster

That person said the following,

"I simply simply hope that you don't forget. About
That, only, will be enough."

In reply.

I can and will continue to communicate the present conditions of the disaster areas to all of you because of my work as a newscaster.

I hope to be able to provoke warm thoughts in everyone who has seen the disaster areas towards them.

It's been 2 years since the earthquake.

For a change,
Let everyone's thoughts be one.

Let's hold hands together.

11 March 2013

;_; 2 years ago, the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, I'm sure everyone here remembers.

It's a miracle for any country to be able to restart so soon after such a huge disaster.

But even so, we need to think of the smaller countryside places even though Tokyo is already back to normal.

I am sure a country full of kind-hearted people like Japan will eventually heal and progress mightier than before!! ♥♥

I love you, Japan. Hang in there!! ♥♥

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