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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥63- 加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki 20.3.2013


"Tsukkomaretekimasu = Be smacked"

I thought I'll be calm after my book was release smoothly, but I'm living days totally not being calm.

I, am doing manzai.

It's a project for my radio show, doing it together with Gori-san of Garage Sale.

Then, I'm writing the script, and I'll be the boke.

Of course it's going to be performed in a proper theatre. In front of common audience. An away game.

No no, I'm an idol but what am I doing!?

Eh, when am I doing it?

Isn't it now!!

Yes. It's now.

It surely ended by the time everyone read this, and there must be people who already knew it was funny or not.

In any case, I will be smacked.

Novel or manzai etc, what am I even doing.

The manzai ended...

Well, it was fun! It's indeed important to experience lots of different things in life!

I'm glad the audience was all gentle..

The manzai will be on air in my radio show this week so please listen to it if you have time!

However you know, being able to interact directly with the audience makes me want to do a live!

I will devote myself to hard work, in the days before that day comes!

-- "Manzai" is a traditional Japanese stand-up comedy. Read more.

-- "Boke" is the airhead character, often the one receiving smacks from his partner, the Tsukkomi, "the smarter character" in a manzai.

I wanna watch the manzai rather than just listening to it!!

Sorry for being late! Shige's long essay turned me off. LOL! XD

I know that suddenly there are a lot of people translating NEWS members' jweb and other jwebs. But I still think that mine is the best. I may be late sometimes but I guarantee quality. I make sure the paragraphs, spacings, meanings and emoji are all close to 100% like how our idols wrote them in the first place.

I'm sorry for being a perfectionist.

XD Haha~ Hope you enjoy my translations so far! XD

♥♥ Oyasuminasai!

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