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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥64- 手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya 27.3.2013


Hello I'm Tegoshi Yuya ♪
It's getting warmer and the cherry blossoms are beautiful-!
Even though this has no link at all, Sakura Girl is within my top 3 favourite singles-.
The lyrics is wonderful-!

I want to look at the flowers with everyone-.
I want to have a picnic-. Mumumu..
I will prepare a place in order to meet you all, so please wait-♪
So until then, everyone please save up your power too!
Then, let's flirt hard

The theme is "su = す"!

That, for me is definitely sports-.
I love moving my body-!
No matter how tired I am, or how little sleep I have, not moving my body would be stressful.

Entering the new year, I'm playing more soccer and futsal laughs
Plus the muscle training at the gym twice a week, I will lose weight if I don't eat like crazy!!
Recently I can feel the movements and sharpness of my body feeling great-♪

Everyone, too, let's move your body because it's getting warmer-
You can't go on a no-food diet-!
It's bad for health and lowers your metabolism rate, so it's easy to rebound-
Your body will also lose its health indicator.

Eat properly, exercise moderately!
That's the best☆

Until we meet, please polish yourself and become cute-!
Ah!! But cannot.
If you become too cute, I may love you too much and want to kiss you...

Canno-t... But,,, I guess it's okay

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! His jweb makes me so happy! I kept laughing, hahahaha!! XD I'm also listening to Tegomass while doing this jweb~~ ♥♥

I LOVE TEGOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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