Saturday, 9 March 2013 @ 21:53

Some New Features! Plus "Sayonara" Download!

Konbanwa, Haru desu!! XD

How are you? ^_^

Are you enjoying my translations so far? I will work hard! XD

I spent the whole of today making a new feature for this blog!!

I have finally decided to include the profile of the boys!! I will add more to the profiles, but for now, just the basics~~ XD

CLICK on the word "Profiles"!!

Enjoy my new banners and photos of the boys!! XD

If you want to help me add to the profile page, please leave a message with links here! Thankz!! ♥♥

Another feature is the FormSpring link! You can click it and ask me any question you want! XD

Finally, I've also added the FaceBook "Like" plugin on the right! Please "like" my FaceBook page for easy access and updates whenever there are new Jweb entries!! Yoroshiku ne!! ♥♥

Download the single HERE!!
Link is available till end of March! Grab it now!

Enjoy!! ♥♥

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