Wednesday, 22 May 2013 @ 14:38

Mail From Tegomass for Neko Chuudoku Release Day!

Today is the day they release Neko Chuudoku!! I really like this song! It's so cute! The lyrics are very funny as well! And today, Tegomass shared their happiness with us again!! Let's take a look at their e-mails!

I'm Tegonyan (^o^)(^^)/

This time, it's not just

It's a cat nyan nyan song ☆

Yup, it's "Neko Chuudoku"!

Oh, yeah!
You are my little kittens (^o^)

Then, that's just nice ★

Coz I was thinking of you when I was singing it ♪

For people who's not interested in cats
For people who likes cats
Learning to like cats
Is an absolute ☆

Well, but…

Keep this a secret?

As compared to cat cats,
I like you…little kittens more ★

NyaaaO (=^ェ^=)

Changing from Masuda Takahisa (増田貴久),
To Nekoda Takahisa (猫田貴久).

Finally today,
It's the release of our single "Neko Chuudoku"ー(^o^)★

This is everyone,

…No, YOU!

……No, it's for your sake

………No no, it's a song for cats' sake (=^ェ^=)★

It's the first time we danced for a Tegomass single, it's also a challenge,
So let's try to dance to it, everyone (^o^)(^^)o

I love you nyaー★

KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!! Lately, Massu likes to announce his love for the fans!! Good!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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