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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥69- 加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki 1.5.2013


Eh, why is it my turn today?

Though it's Koyama's birthday, I'm gonna do it?

Oh, I see.


Well, even if we met, we couldn't touch.

And even tried my best to piece in all the parts for the cat robot.

But well, thinking of 29years old, it's quite fast. Being "around thirty" and still able to look so carefree, Johnny's is indeed amazing.


(I'm sipping tea now)

So, the other day, I went to a soba shop with my friend, Nori.

We just went in and we received very good service.

I was thinking, A re? Did they recognise me?

The female shop owner took out the bottle from the previous NEWS live concert.

"My daughter is a fan~"

"Eh? Did she come for the live concert?"

"No— She couldn't get the tickets••• So she only went to buy the concert goods••••"

Ah,,, I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm sure there are lots of people like her. Though we wanted everyone to see us. I will work hard so that when we have a live concert the next time, more people can come!!!!

So please don't think, "I couldn't go to the live concert the last time~~, I think I won't be able to go for this time round as well~ Anyway! I don't care about their live concerts anymore~"!!!!!

Absolutely definitely surely!!!!! Please come for our live concert!!!!!!!!

Please invite lots of friends to come!!!!!!!!

I'm waiting!!!!!!

When are you going!!!!!!!!

Isn't it now!!!!!!!!!!

Haahaahaa•••• (I was too excited)

Going back to topic, I didn't have the courage to ask that daughter, "So, whose fan are you?"

Coz it's a multiple choice question with 4 answers!

I'm grateful for her to be our fan, no matter which member's, I don't want to dampen such a super high-spirited atmosphere, do I!!!!

We paid the bill and went out, the daughter also came out from inside to send us out.

"You're coming here again, right?" "Thank you very much" "All the best for your studies"

That's the conversation we had and we left the shop.

I turned to look back after a while.

I saw the back of the girl leaving.

What's there was.

A big skull embroidery!!!!!!!

Oh oh.... This is....

Eh~ In terms of Shige Hatake Ninzaburo•••

No, let's stop here. A weird discord is.

From here on too, please support NEWS!!!!!

Ah, I have to play the word game.


I can't think of anything at the top of my head. Next person please.


Please let me use this. Isn't it close to the red fox.

Koyama-san, Happy Birthday.

Haha, Shige~~~~

When he said that there must be a lot of people who couldn't get tickets, I wanted to cry! I'm an overseas fan! I want tickets!!!!!!! This summer, I wanna go!!!!!!!!! ;_;!!

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