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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥70- 小山慶一郎 Koyama Keiichiro 8.5.2013



I am Koyama Keiichiro.

Did you read Shige's "NEWS RING"—? It went through.
Totally went through (;¬_¬)

It's okay—

Massu, Tego,
You won't do that, right??

There's no way, is there

So, so,
Let's change the mood!!


You didn't play the game, did you

In Shige's "NEWS RING"


Please let me use this. Isn't it close to the red fox.

That was written, wasn't that


Aren't you coming close to my fix eyes

The best thing is,
Why is it my turn

It's already Kei-chan's *oko*.


Using my fox eyes to look at the oko,
I've become like super glaring at it

I also didn't play the game


So, here it is

The Koya Fox that is coming closer super oko Kon Kon Maru, "

Ah, it's "ru" again (laughs)

-- *Oko - No idea what this is, no info at all, sorry!*

Lol~~ So funny! Just a rant post by the leader XD

Shige! Be serious!! Lol!!!!!! XD

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