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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥71- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 15.5.2013


Konban nya—nya

How are you?

I'm fine

It's the stage performance everyday, so it's really hard to do the maintaining of my health, ensuring enough moisture and being careful of bacteria

A lot of people came to watch us, I'm so happy
Really thank you very much

This time, I also made the Goods made for Strange Fruit so please check them out

My masterpiece

So, it's "ru" this time

Loose socks that is not as purplish blue as the pita pita camp

Then, let's go by branch sticks and see how it goes





It's difficult! Change it!

Rua—→artiste→a one-man word game in any case→apple→sesame→...!!

...Ah...It turned out good laughs

When I sleep at night, I sleep with the wet mask When I take it off after I wake up, my shoulders and pillow will be wet

My shoulders are cold.

If I'm not wrong, there are people with dry shoulders~

I wanted to wet my throat though...orz

Because of that
It's mask!!

Recently, there are a lot of people coughing—!
Please be careful of the flu, ok!

I will work hard for my stage play!

Masuda Takahisa signing off

-- "Goods" and "orz" were written in English.

I wanna watch Strange Fruits!! ;_;! How I wish I am in Japan right now!!!!!!

Meanwhile, keep the love for NEWS strong!! ♥♥♥♥

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