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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥72- 手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya 22.5.2013


Hello, I'm Tegoshi Yuya ♪
Did you GET Neko Chuudoku?
Isn't it good? Then, have you listened to the coupling songs? Aren't they good??
The level of completion this time is superrrr good ♪

I'll be happy if everyone listen to this masterpiece that we made using our hearts ♪♪

I really felt the warmth comingggg!
Good gooooood! Summer is comingggg ☆
I wanna go to the seaaaa!
Ah, let's go together?
Let's go on the float together?
Good goooood!!!

Wanna hold an event by the sea or somethinggg!
Okay!! I want to try fishing Gori ♪
Isn't that great? A date by the sea

The theme is "ku" huh—.
Things starting with ku huh—.
Kusaya. Christmas. Kurikintoki. Cooler. Cristiano Ronaldo. Klinsmann. Croatia.
Hmmm—, I can't tell.

I can't think of anything so how?

Then,,,, Quiz laughs


I have been to about 20 power countries, but where was my first overseas destination?

Tick tick

Tick tick

Tick tick

The answer is,,, Taiwan ♪

I wonder if everyone got it?

I will kiss those who got it correct—

Not yet!! When we meet next time ok

-- "Gori" is a kind of fish with no English wiki entry, but here's the link and we should focus on number three in the contents.

-- "Kusaya" is a kind of dried fish and you can read about it here.

-- "Kurikintoki" is something I couldn't find any information on! Sorry!

Tegoshi is such a football/soccer maniac!! XD

And well, guess what.. Dating by the beach is my type of lovely date too!! Lol!! Tego, let's go!! XD

And he always like to say things like he wants to kiss kiss. Lol! Naughty naughty! XD

But I like.



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