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Tegomass 7th Single Messages!

Tegomass left a message for us in their special Neko Chuudoku webpage in the jweb app!

Tegoshi Yuya 手越祐也

When I heard "Neko Chuudoku" for the first time, I was surprised by its big impact!

As it's the first time we are dancing for a Tegomass single,
To make it enjoyable to dance for everyone from small kids to fans of Tegomass,
Is it better to have moves that are easy to catch? Was what we thought for the dance of "Neko Chuudoku".

As it was hot while wearing the suit in the music clip, I wonder what it's gonna be like if we were to wear it during our LIVE (laughs).

When I first heard the demo tape of the coupling song "Shupurehiko-ru", I liked it so much that I burst out saying "What a nice song! I really like it"!

The key is of course, the melody and chorus too are upbeat and it feels great, I wish to sing this in front of everyone as soon as possible.

The arrangement of the country song "Hana ni Omoi wo" (Conveying Thoughts To Flower) is the best!
There are a lot of instruments but I like the percussions in this song. Also, I become happy when I sing this song.

As there's no one to listen in the recording booth, and I have the feeling that I have to sing it well, the good feeling of singing is about 1: 10 when compared to that of singing in the studio.

But singing "Hana ni Omoi wo" felt super good even though I was singing it in the booth!

I thought about what it would be like if I were to sing it in front of live audience (laughs).

"Shupurehiko-ru" and "Hana ni Omoi wo" are both good songs which featured the harmony of The Tegomass heavily.

Then, A-side single "Neko Chuudoku" is also a feel-good number, I'm sure you will enjoy the whole song!

Masuda Takahisa 増田貴久

"Neko Chuudoku" is, even though we have had songs close to the world view of Tegomass, it's the first time we have such a pop and cheerful single!

I think that it's also a challenge for Tegomass to dance for a single, and show a new side of us, we got into it eagerly.

Wearing the cat costumes for the music clip and cd jacket was quite hot and so was quite hard work (laughs) but it's added points to the cuteness.

Please take note of our facial expressions as the both of us made faces like a cat would!

The lyrics are about showing a cat's movements and daily scenarios in such a way that it's easy to imagine, especially the catchy melody A and the big chorus which I like very much~.

The song itself is short, but the impact is huge even after the song ends, that's the point called the song remains in your ears (laughs).
It's focused on people who likes cats, but also on people who don't! I think it will be a song that will make them like cats.

"Shupurehiko-ru" in the Regular Edition is really trendy!!

"Tegomass doesn't have songs that are as cool as this until today," said the music production staff too.

Though the melody is pop, as the title "Shupurehiko-ru" suggests, you can feel the strong excitement in this song.

There's another song, "Hana ni Omoi wo" is - pure country feel song.
During the recording period, it's also the period of the stage play "Strange Fruits" and I was a bit influenced by it, so I may have sung it differently from the usual way (laughs).

Please listen to all 3 songs though they differ in type, they're still amazing!

I'm sorry for being more than a month late!!!!!! I've been really busy with being a web designer in the day! My brain is being drained everyday! ;_;! m(_ _)m So sorry!! I'll try to catch up!!

Thankz for following this blog and liking my FB page!! You are the best!! ♥♥

Tegomass is soooooo cute!!!!!!!

Oyasuminasai nyas!!

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