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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥77- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 27.6.2013



I'm Masuda Takahisa!

I received a miss call from a long-time-no-see manager-san who I used to depend on during Jr. times "What's up?" I thought, so I called back.

Me "Wa—! Long time no see How are you—?"

Mane (Manager) "Oh—, what's up?"

Me "Hmm? You called me, didn't you?"

Mane "Ah! So...rry...! Just now... I wanted to call a Jr. named Masuda—"

Me "Wao, having a party there—? laughs"

Mane "Sorry!!! Ah, I'm listening to Neko Chuudoku!!"

Me "Oh, seriously! I'm happy Thank you very much—"

...Well, we talked a bit~

It was a wrong number

Because it's with a person I depended on during my Jr. days, it's a happy thing to talk once in a while—

Me during Jr. days was skate-bound, muscular, Sara Sara haired and dance-was-bigger-than-life kinda type


The me now..., I don't slip on the skates, I slip on the talks, and muscular? And, purple-haired and the love for dance didn't change! Laughs

The fact that I was able to watch the backs of the seniors on many stages and do my learning, is still bonded in me

I guess there are places that I did change but, I think I didn't change much basically, did I?

Like the fact that I'm kind! Laughs

Well, we talked about a lot but
Today's theme is "de"!

... De?

Was... What we talked about! ( ̄▽ ̄)

Ho—w! Laughs

Ah, we're gonna have a LIVE!

Ah, we're releasing an album!

Ah, I produced the first song in the album!

Ah, I was allowed to design the costumes for the LIVE!

Ah, I'll perform that song!

We, from Tokyo to north south easy west, will send everyone messages about the good NEWS.
Derived from the 4 characters — N, E, W, S.
Via this album, we will become the direction guide for people listening to it and they will in turn become our direction guide...

I produced the first song of the new album with this meaning in it

Well, I only only talked about this and that, yeah? Laughs


-- "Direction guide" can mean a sign or etc. Is Massu trying to say that we will become each others' guide in life? Awwww~~~

Our boys kept making me cry! ;_;!

So happy that Massu made a song!! I think I will love it even before I heard it now! Lol!! I can't wait for the album to arrive!!!!!!


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