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WinkUp 2013 June - NEWS Question 10

Konnichiwa Chankapaana-tachi!! ♥♥ I've translated a piece of the regular page that NEWS has in WinkUp! June edition, sorry for choosing a one-month-late article! LOL~! Must thank our scanlation goddess, Inala, for her excellent scans and sharing spirit! ♥♥ Without further ado, let's read this page! ♥♥

Blue Box 1 (Lower right of page):

Members' Hot Photos!
NEWS' Digression

Members will take photos of members during each issues' photo shoots! This month, Koyama took pictures of the members during free time, gave them this title and what he thought of them!

Blue Box 2 (Above the photos):

I took photos of everyone's "Tegoshi desu!" pose! It is as expected of the originator!

Orange Number 3 (At the bottom):

Underlined in orange: The address you should write on your envelope if you want to ask what Massu will eat in a certain situation or ask Tego to draw something.

Underlined in purple: The e-mail address you should send your message to if you want to give a question to NEWS in NEWS Question 10.

Underlined in green: The e-mail address you should send your message to if you have any other comments for other corners.

Awwww~~ They are sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ Tegoshi!! I like his answer to the 2nd question! Sleep together even though his girlfriend is sick! LOL! Aww!! ♥♥ STANDARD ANSWER FOR ME!! XD ♥♥ Tego, my oujisama~~ ♥♥

Maybe we should try writing in to the magazine! LOL! But I bet they get TONNES of messages everyday!! XD

I hope you enjoyed reading this page! XD

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