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NEWS 5th Album "NEWS" Fan Review

YoZz!! ♥♥

I'm by no means a professional reviewer~ I'm just a big fan of NEWS! ^_~v


NEWS fill up my empty heart since I got to know them in 2008! I'm a happy fan. Since I knew them, I've been really happier, a big change from before. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

So when Ryo and P left in 2011 or was it 2010?, I was badly hurt like the four remaining members.. ;_;..

Now, 4-person NEWS is back for almost a year, we are happy again! And they cherish our support more than ever, more than any other groups do for their own fans!! ♥♥♥♥

We are the strongest!!!!!!!!! XD

Listened to their album once through from 10pm. OMG, truly truly good!! Also, this time, there are a lot more sexy songs! Lol! Our boys have grown up XD But don't we already know that it's always been inside of Tegoshi?! XD

1st song — ~compass~ — It's an introduction. The words are in English. There is no translation in the album booklet. Then.. Japanese fans have to ask Google-sensei themselves?! I'm here to help!! Shinpaishinaidene!!

"We are back...... We are NEWS."

OMG!! ;_;!!!!!!!
English translation for Japanese NEWS fans/日本のニュースファンのあなたへの英語通訳です:

Welcome. This is your access to a new stage. Another opening of a new page. We have been waiting for you. For a decade to breakthrough. Here, from the center of Tokyo, we'll unite and take control. We'll cross nations and generations. We'll see beauty and new sensations. We'll fly to the North, over seas to the South, on the wind to the East, and glide West for world quest. We are a compass to your future, we will guide you to the ultra. We are the four. We are what you've been looking for. KK, SK, TM, YT. We are back. We are NEWS.

2nd song — WORLD QUEST — I've never really talked about any of the singles, right? XD Isn't this one of our proudest songs?! They performed this on an international stage which every football fan watched!! OMG!! They may not know who they are or what they're singing about, but at least they have heard them before!!

3rd song — 4+FAN — A song NEWS made for us!!!!!!! OMG!! So sweet, so touched!! It's always nice to know that your idols appreciate you! Being a NEWS fan is really a happy thing because we are respected and loved and cherished! They always mention us in their jweb and interviews! ♥♥♥♥

4th song — Nagisa no Onee Summer — The theme song for the commercial of a new line of summer bras and panties underwear from Wacoal~ XD Erm, ok. Lol.. It's a very catchy song and the first song I can sing out of the new songs. I LOVE IT!! XD It's about how they love a slightly older girl on the beach. When they sang the line "Can I fall in love with you?" Here's my answer: "手越、あたしのことが好きになってもいいよ!"


5th song — Pokoponpekorya — The funny theme song for the funny drama which did not look like a drama. Lol! Such a cute and energetic song about food!! XD

6th song — Koi Matsuri — Very cute!! So full of the festivities feel!!!!!! XD Even more than Tanabata Matsuri! Lol!! Listening to Koi Matsuri is like you're there! Fireworks!!!!!! XD

7th song — Greedier — SUPER SWEET AND NICE SONG!!!!!! XD Please, you can be as greedy as you want!! XD The melody is nice and easy to remember, the lyrics is sweet!!

8th song — Besame Mucho ~Kuruoshii Bolero~ — A very manly song, lol!! XD It's about getting an attached girl, lol~

9th song — Chankapaana — Our favourite song ever, isn't it? XD NEWS comeback song!! I must learn the hand movements ;_;!

10th song — Dance in the dark — Nice and sexy with strong rhythm and beats! The title reminds one of "Dancin' in the Secret" but they're not very similar, haha~

11th song — HIGHER GROUND — A very encouraging song as expected of NEWS!! ♥♥

12th song — Full Swing — Every time I sing along to this, I'll cry. I didn't want to cry, my tears just flow out.. ;_;!! The lyrics is just so.. ;_;!! This is a special song.

13th song — CRY — Another super encouraging song which strikes a chord with my present predicament!! ;_;!!

Koyama's solo song — Beautiful Rain — It's a beautiful song~~ Nice melody! Really sweet lyrics by Koyama!! ♥

Shige's solo song — Dreamcatcher — Shige made this song!! Lyrics and melody!! It's nice! But a lot of gibberish!! Lol!!!!! XD What jellyfish?!?! XD

Massu's solo song — Remedy — A very very pop dance tune!! It's Massu's style ever since Peek-a-Boo!! Very nice!! I soooo look forward to seeing Massu dance this!!

Tegoshi's solo song — Lovin' U — Tego's choice is super safe this time round! He should challenge a sexy song or something since I know that deep down in his heart, he wants to do it!! XD

All CD Booklet scans are taken from the scan goddess, Inala@LJ!! Thank you ♥!!!!!!!!! And the rainbow borders were done by me~ ^_^v ♥

Let's dream of NEWS!!!! ♥♥♥♥


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