Tuesday, 30 July 2013 @ 11:02


YoZz!! I know the goods list and pictures were out for quite some days now, but I couldn't get time to properly sort my thoughts and sort them into the Photoshop, haha~! There were so many things happening! NEWS had concert and on that day, Sakurai Sho and Kitagawa Keiko also came to Singapore! Followed by the International Movie Gala Premiere of Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de on Saturday at Marina Bay Sands! And I had to attend my friend's baby girl's birthday party on the same day! Unfortunate me, I didn't get to see Sho and Keiko in the flesh! I regretted but I also didn't want to regret not going for the party! ;_;!! I was very busy, sorry! HERE WE GO!!

**Updated on 2013.08.05 due to error in Koyama's photoset! Sorry!

Sorry for the size! Just click on it to have a clear look! XD Please do not repost this as your own, just credit me and put a link back to here, HaruJFandom, okay dear? THANK YOU!!

I really can't wait to go buy all these when I'm there!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I don't offer buying service for now because I'm super super broke! ;_;!!


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