Wednesday, 10 July 2013 @ 22:30

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥79- 手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya 10.7.2013


I'm Te—go-nya—n!
Isn't it hot—..
But it's my beloved summer so it's totally okay ♪

Be careful not to get heatstroke! You have to drink lots of water ok?
I'll have to go take care of you if you get sick, right?
Just the 2 of us,,, Fufufu..
Ah— It's fun to fantasize~☆

The theme this time,,, "Ba" ne—.
Ba,,, ba,,, Po—po—po—!!!
Sorry. In NEWS album DVD, there is a line "Pao Pao Pao" which in fact is Po—po—po—!
Oh, it doesn't matter? Laughs

Isn't "ba" difficult?

I eat it every morning—! When I'm sleepy before work, I'll eat it in the morning, thrice a day!
It's easy for intake on calories so I make sure there are bananas in the fridge all the time ☆
I have to be careful not to let my weight drop because I've been doing concert rehearsals, gym and soccer and those use a lot of energy so I have to eat properly.

Also for the sake of going all out for this time's tour ♪

The album is also very good!
I can't wait! It's probably the best yet!!
Super confident ♪♪

We're also working really hard in the concert rehearsals, fantastic!
Super fun!!

Wanna do it soon—! I wanna meet everyone—!! I wanna be lovey-dovey with you—!!!

Fantastic. I'm getting excited—.
I'll hold it in and properly do the rehearsal!

I'm waiting for 26/7—!!!
My cute cute girlfriends
Let's be super lovey-dovey

Lol, we are his little kittens, his Chankapaanas and his girlfriends now?! Lol!

If only it's real ne? XD

♥♥ Sorry for being a few days late! XD

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