Monday, 5 August 2013 @ 13:23

Toma's Room vol. 538 24 July 2013 [Ikuta Toma no Heya 生田斗真の部屋 Jweb Translation]

7/24 vol.538


Maou was being replayed….

It's 5 years ago, eh. Summer of 23 years old.

Summer of 28 years old is...*pickled seagull.

I will work hard on practising.

Ah, I've become nervous.

The process of completing a piece of work, and the feelings of pressure and anxiety following the approaching days.

I hate it laughs

Hurry up and start already!
But, I'll be troubled if it starts now.

Damn it~ It's the dialogues.
Let's progress on steadily.

-- "かもめ漬け" is something that I really really have no idea of!!

Why does Toma always use such profound Japanese?! ;_;!!

Okay, okay, thank you, Toma. I can improve my Japanese even faster. XD ♥♥

I will translate Toma's Room when he updates~! He updates irregularly~! ♥♥

Let's wish his butai success!!!!!!!!!!

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