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A Visit to Koyama's Family Ramen Shop - Ryuutaro!

I woke up at about 11am~ It's my friend's off day~ But she didn't wanna go so far out to Kanagawa with me~

I had breakfast of milk and the tuna mayo onigiri I bought yesterday~~ Yummy~~

Damn, I called eConnect and it's really because I used up the 1GB data that it stopped working for me!! Sadz!!!!!! ;_;!!!!!!!

I went out at about 12:39pm~ Bought 2 corokke at ¥49 each, damn nice!

This is the Odakyuu line. Take the yellow express train as shown here to Sagami-Ono station.

Take a normal train from here to go to Sobudai-mae station.

Alight here!

Take the North Exit (Turn right)

Took the train to Shinjuku to take the Odakyuu line to Sobudai-mae station!

Walk straight, cross the road, walk straight. Keep an eye for things on your right hand side.

Can you see the yellow sign with red words jutting out of the building? IT'S KOYAMA'S RAMEN SHOP!!

Walk in.


Oopz! I was too early!! XD

It's only about 2:40pm when I reached!! XD I took pictures and then walked around~~ North, East, West, Surround!! Lol, trying to carry on Massu's gag XD

Yes, so I bought a lot of stuff from Daiso and Makkiyo in the small shopping mall beside the station!

The lip balm I bought yesterday was not the one Mariko-sama advertised for! But I found the correct one!! Then I bought it and another one for Elmo!! XD

I bought a Van Houten cocoa drink so that I could sit in Family Mart to use 7-11's wifi! Lol!! XD Yummy!!

I also bought a lot in the supermarket called "Sanwa"!! Damn big and cheap too! Tego was spokesperson (alongside two other older Johnny's boys) for the Knox soup, I saw the CMs before!! XD Didn't buy though.. XD (I know right, I'm beating myself up right now!!)

So for now, all omiyage shopping ARE DONE!!

My Eco bag from Cotton On is hanpanai!! Super good! I pushed everything I bought into it, lol!!!!!!!! XD

It's a very nice and small town~ Peaceful and cozy~~! Wonderful feeling to walk around the place that Koyama grew up in!! XD

I wonder where Tego lived in Kanagawa?!

Finally it's 6pm!!!!!!!! XD I went in at 6:02pm, lol!!!!!! XD

I ordered ramen and gyoza!! ¥525 each!! If you saw fan reports of visits to this place, you'd have seen the NEWS posters and stuff, but they're not there anymore~ Well, NEWS is 4-nin now! XD

A woman served me mugicha first. She looked very young, like only 40?! Couldn't be Koyama's mum, riiiiiiiight?!?! XD The guy inside and her, they don't look like Koyama........ They don't sound the same too.......... XD

At about 6:20pm, my gyoza arrived!! OMG!!!!! Real gyoza!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!! XD I mixed all three sauces together: shoyu, rayuu and suu~ That's: soya sauce, chilli oil and vinegar. Lol!! XD REALLY VERY NICE!!!!!! Coming from someone who hates vinegar yo!!

Then my ramen arrived five minutes later, OMG~~~~~ My second real ramen!! In original flavour! OMG~~~~ SUPERLICIOUS!!!!!!! XD

Yummy x100000! XD Happiness overload!! XD

At about nearly 7pm, a couple of fangirls came in! One from Taiwan and the other from Hong Kong! Wow! I gathered my courage and spoke to them! XD I told them I'm a Singaporean! XD

Present for Koyama~!! I told the nice woman in the counter that I'm Singaporean and she's very friendly! ^_^ I said that letter "A" means that NEWS is the best group and every one of them has letter "A" in their names! XD Hope that Koyama likes it!! XD They also talked to me about something that surprised me very much!! ♥♥

Then I left the ramen shop at about 6:58pm~~ A very happy one hour of my life!! XD

Ahhhhhh, they must think I'm a Massu fan because I kept wearing yellow!! I'm not! I'm a Tego fan!! I just don't have pink clothes but a lot of yellow clothes!!!!! Lol!!!!!! XD

Going back to Shinjuku!


I went back to Shinjuku~ It's about one hour the same way I came~ I walked outside, the weather was very cooling! It was 8pm~

I walked and realised I was at the correct direction for Shinjuku Sanchome, lol! XD

Ximending in Taipei is A LOT like Shinjuku!! Wow!

I went underground to the station and realised it connects to Takashimaya! It's a loooooooong way! And then it's closed. -_-" Right, I didn't realise it's already over 9pm....... So I walked back...........

SEE!!!!!! Same bag again!! (Update on 8th Sept 2014: I realised that it's because Harajuku has American Apparel's shop, so that's why!! XD)

The com express train came at 9:56pm~~ Went back home!!

I'm starting to wanna take cab for the short distance between HS' house and the Narimasu Station on Saturday when I'm gonna lug my luggage to Narita Airport this Saturday.. Lol!! XD It's about ¥800 for the 30-min walk but 3-min taxi ride. -_-" VERY EX, but, yeah, tired. Lol!!

Then I packed and bathed, watched TV and blogged here~ I couldn't do daily updates anymore nor could I translate the upcoming NEWS RING 86 and Ryo's jweb on Wednesday and Thursday.. ;_;! Damn!!!!!!

I need to bask in 7-11! Lol!! XD

Expenditure for 26 August:

  • Lunch (¥98)
  • Transport top-up (¥2000)
  • Mineral water (¥100 by Pasmo card^)
  • Daiso (¥630)
  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi (¥1900)
  • Family Mart (¥116)
  • Sanwa (¥2007)
  • Dinner (¥1050)

It's a super super happy day!!!!!! I think the happiness can remain with me for a loooooong time as long as I remember back what happened today!! XD 😍😍😍😍😘

oYuyaMassumi!!!!!! 💜💖💛💚

♥ ♤ ♥


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