Saturday, 3 August 2013 @ 10:16

Massu and Shige's Birthday Celebration in Singapore!

SG_PAANAS organised this birthday bash for all NEWS fans in Singapore on 6th July!!

They even bought presents and door gifts!! OMG, these girls really are so thoughtful, nice and generous!!

Here's what I got: Strange Fruit pamphlet as door gift, name tag that I drew (everyone drew their own), a chocolate that Massu likes and introduced on "Tabemasu" in a magazine (I forgot which one XD), Tegomasu shop photo won in the 3rd round of game, and a Regular Edition of NEWS BEST!! OMG!!


My first shop photo! XD

One of the activities, lol.. As you can see, I totally forgot about Shige, lol!! XD

I learned a lot from the fans there as well because they have so much experience of going to concerts!!

So, to my disappointment, Sendai tickets are about S$600 each now which is CRAZY. -_-" Damn.. I wanna go to the concert!!!!!!!!

There are so many things I dunno! Like, free seating tickets were already finished?! Numbered seats will be released soon and the time of sale for concert goods will be released a few days before the actual day. OMG.. I'm not a very professional fan, no good, no good at all!! ;_;!! Must learn, must learn.

We had lotsa fun and time just flew!! In the Kbox, whenever there NEWS song on the TVs, we'd all sing along!! The experienced fans even learned the dance steps! OMG! I can't even! XD

I can't even get Chankapaana....... XD I need to memorise everything and also the hand movements of every song from now on!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of which, we played Pictionary of NEWS songs in the third game which my group won by having 10 correct answers!! I drew a fluffy bubble with two small bubbles and my group members guessed "Dreams"! Correct! Then after one round, I drew a TV and they guessed "Chankapaana"!! CORRECT!! XD lol!! Totally no relation to the song but it's the most prominent thing in the PV!! XD lol!!!!!!! Everyone laughed so hard!! XD

Thank you thank you! XD

Overall, it's a very fun and memorable event!! Thank you so much, the girls at sg_paanas!!

See you next time, Chankapaana-tachi!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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