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NEWS LIVE TOUR 2013 - Osaka Jo Hall 23 August - Actual Concert!

Couldn't sleep properly coz the air-con in my friend's room was too cold!! ;_;!

So I was sitting and lying on the pillow.. :((

Squashed by me by the time I was settled in my Shinkansen -_-" Hahaha~~

Anyway, we washed up and HS brought me to the nearby Seiyu where super cheap stuff are sold!! Cool!! Bought my breakfast and lunch!! Only ¥496!! XD

HS sent me to the metro station and went to enjoy her off day~ I took the train to Ikebukuro and changed to Marunouchi Line for Tokyo Station~ Bought a ¥13240 Shinkansen ticket to Shin-Osaka!

Walked a long way and finally reached my platform, 14!

Succumbed and finally bought a ¥150 Pocari Sweat from the vending machine, lol!!!!!! XD S$2 leh!!!!!! XD

Stood and waited for my train.. Almost killed me.. The tiredness and the hunger, lol.. XD

11:33am train.. Reached Shin-Osaka at 2:30pm!! I walked to the subway direction and took the train to Shinsaibashi (M19)..

I ate the bento on the Shinkansen at 11:35am and ate very slowly, lol! Then I slept, lol! Still felt tired though ;_;!

Walked to the green line to go to Osaka Business Park!!

Met three Massu fans on the train!

When we reached street level, the Osaka Jo Hall on the opposite was big and the queue was scary!! XD I arrived for the q and lost them, lol! XD

Started q-ing at 3:30pm and well, luckily the weather's good! And there's a river! Reminds me of our Singapore River, lol!

Finally at about 4+pm, I got to buy the NEWS concert goods!!!! Before 4:30pm, I was done! This time, I didn't forget anything! XD

I didn't buy: Photos, files, mobile stickers, posters. Yup, guess that's all, lol!! XD

I went back to the subway and went to Tsuruhashi station by transferring to the purple and pink lines! Lol..

I put my bag and the extra goods in a ¥300 locker~

Lighter~~~~~! XD

I went to look for my friends~! They're at the JR side of the same station!! We boarded the JR and alighted three stops later at the Osaka Jo Koen station!

YY-chan and her friend, K-chan's fan, were so gan chiong! Lol!! XD They've been following the NEWS concert since day 1 but they're still so excited! XD

Luckily there's a Kiosk at the eki and I bought Soyjoy and Lohas natural spring water and a Katsu sandwich for dinner.

Oishikatta! XD

(Update on 8th Sept 2014: We took a group photo here but TILL NOW they still don't wanna send that photo to me! WHY?? ;_;!! OMG SUPER SAD!)

It was a long walk to the entrance..

Anyway, we entered the venue, we were at block H row 19.. Not a good section.. Super behind as well!!

This is my current iPhone lock screen wallpaper! XD

That's my view of the stage! Under us, there's a smaller side stage like the one opposite but I totally couldn't see it!!

I'd have liked them to have a walkway around the whole place, like the one KAT-TUN had in Taipei!! Then they can walk past in higher frequency!! XD

Five minutes before the start time of 6:30pm, my friend and others started to chant for NEWS already! I was a bit shocked, lol!! I haven't even gotten out my penlight and towel and uchiwa! XD

OMG, Koyama so nice, he's just really nice!!!!!! ;_;!!!!!!

There were many many funny and cute moments too!! Like how they all tried to sit on Tegoshi's lap! Lol!!!!!!! Here's why:

Tegoshi said, "To go to Tokyo, there are three ways: By Kodama (Shinkansen), by (something I forgot) and by sitting on my lap."

Lololololololol!!!!!!!! XD I want!!! XD

He's so funny!!!! I love Tegoshi so much!!!!!!!!!! XD

Massu was especially genki too!! He joked a lot and I noticed he suddenly grew up to be a MAN!! Lol!!!!!!!! XD

I love Massu a lot too!!!!!!!!

Shige really has very nice hairstyle for this tour!!!!!! XD

Koyama is yasashii as always, and the video they recorded for announcing Pokoponpekorya was SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! They were bullying leader!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!! So he took revenge, lol!!!!!!! XD OMG, too funny!! I must buy the DVD!! Lol!!!!!! (Update on 8th Sept 2014: It's not included in the DVD! OMG SUPER SAD!)

Ok, I know, I'm not being coherent here, lol!!!! I have very bad memory so I can't remember every single song and their order!! XD

So here goes nothing!

At 6:32pm, they started playing the ~compass! /screams!

It's so cool!!!!! The video had the words!

Then inside the screens, the boys we're waiting for were hidden!! XD

OMG!!!!!! SCREAM!!!!!!

World Quest was the first song, they were in red! Super shining and I cried! Of course! I finally see them live!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! After 5 long years!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next was Chankapaana, I think, lol!! XD OMG~~~~~ Love love love!!!!! Chankapaana!!!!!!!!

Then......... I think it's 4+Fan!! Clap clap, clap clap, clap clap, clap! XD

Then......... I think it's Koi Matsuri? Lol!! We had fun swinging the towel! Lol!!!! XD

Then I don't remember the next song!! XD

Nagisa no Onee Summer was really fun too!! Lol~~

Pokoponpekorya happened around here! The video was so funny, like I said above~ XD It's Koyama's idea to do it "not so cute" but the song itself is too cute!! Lol!!

Their costumes were so cute! Massu! What kinda idea was that?!?! XD Balls of different sizes and colours filled the transparent bubble jacket with an orange base!! Lol!! XD

Before the mc (?), it's Massu's solo, Remedy!!!!!!!! My favourite!!!!!! When I was listening to the album for the past month, I really looked forward to watching him dance this live!!!!!!! And it's SO GREAT!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Massu is such a great dancer and singer!! OMG, sexy! He's like, suddenly grown up to be a man!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥💛💛💛💛

And YY-chan said that he said on the radio that he went for English speech training to sing this song!! No wonder his English pronunciation was so good in this song!!!!!!! I love love love Massu!!!!!! XD (Oopz, I'm a Tegoshi fan though XD I was even wearing yellow! Not pink! Sorry Tego!!)

Right after Massu's solo, it's SHOCK ME!! Damn nice!! Later in the mc, Massu said it's his idea, lol! He said it'd definitely be really high!! XD

Well, at about 8:30pm, we had mc!!!!!! Damn funny!!!!!! Massu was full of energy!! Lol!! XD He's soooo funny!! XD

After Massu's North East West S- gag, everyone had to make a gag, lol! Tegoshi came up with the one I mentioned above (Shinkansen), lol!!!!! (Update on 8th Sept 2014: After watching the DVD, I finally knew why Massu was especially different that day!! XD)

Koyama asked if there's Onee sama (older sisters) here, a few voices sounded, lol!! Then if there's onii sama (older brothers), man voices sounded, lol!!!!! Cool!!!!!! XD

I'm imoto (younger sister), not onee!! XD

Massu also said that using skulls as decoration/accessories started with Koyama then Massu then now, it's all about Tego, lol!! He said the other day, his phone had a skull sticker and Tego said, "You love me so much?" Lol!!!!! Massu said, "It's not all about you, ok!!" Lol!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! They are too funny!!!!!!!!!! XD

After the mc, it's Koyama's solo and Massu went ahead to announce it, lol! Koyama told him to not say it! Lol!!

They kept teasing him! They would sing a bit of his solo songs then Koyama would step out of the passageway into the "backstage" under the stage so that he couldn't change! They kept doing it for about three times, lol!!!!!!! So funny!!!!! XD Finally, he went in, lol!!

So the remaining three crapped funny stuff, lol!!

Koyama's Beautiful Rain performance was nice! The video at the beginning was so sad!!!!!!

Right after, it's Tego's solo, Lovin' U!! XD He just stood there and strummed the guitar~~~ But he's so shiny! Kira kira!! XD OMG~~~ He sings so well every time!!!!!!! *melts* ♥♥♥♥💞💞💞💞

Then I don't remember.. Lol..

Later, Shige's solo, Dreamcatcher. He's in pink suit with red bow tie and held a big white handkerchief~ It felt like a more musical kinda feel. It's a very interesting performance!!

They also had an individual moment with us with positive and encouraging message!! OMG~~ I felt like I can go back to work! XD

Coz it's "CRY" after this. My favourite song from this album!! Because of the lyrics~~

Then they also had a string of ballads~~ Slow versions of SUMMER TIME, 2/130000000, Happy Birthday and Cherish!!!!! ✨✨✨✨ Super nice!!

They also sang Koi no ABO and BE FUNKY and another favourite song, Greedier!! Lol~~

Then..... I dunno when Liar came on but it's GREAT!! Their costume was really shiny silver and whatever colour light there was, the suit would be that colour, very nice!! XD Massu should be a fashion designer if he ever retires from being an idol!! XD

Besame Mucho ~Kuruoshii Bolero~, Dance in the dark, HIGHER GROUND and Full Swing were also really great!!!!!! Wow, they sang everything in the new album!!!!!!!

Hmmm, still got what....... Hmm....

weeeek was nice!!!!!!! XD I love this song!! As YamaP started the song with his "Ikimasu! Yay!", Massu started it with something else! Lol! XD I can't remember, must listen to fan audio! XD (Update on 8th Sept 2014: Nobody has it! OMG SUPER SAD!)

Okay, next, I don't remember.. ;_;!

Maybe coz it's the end already~

They had individual time again, it's farewell.. Tegoshi said a lot~ He's the first one~~ We all know what kinda things he says la huh, lol!! XD Anyway, I think he said if he can, he'd wanna be with us till tomorrow, throughout the night and said he's still very energetic, etc, lol!!!!! Said that all of us are his girlfriends, lol!!!!! I wish!! XD

Then Shige came on next and he copied Tego!! But he added on. He wanna be with us till tomorrow, no, tomorrow's noon! Lol!!!!!

Massu's next and he copied them!! He said, till tomorrow's noon, no, tomorrow's night! But he's afraid Tego will be angry, lol!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Koyama's last and he, of course, copied them, lol!!!!!! He said, till the next next day!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!! XD

As I knew that I was gonna see them again the next day, I didn't cry when they disappeared into the back stage. XD

We shouted for encore! Of course!! XD

They came out!! Sang weeeek!!!!!!! And what else? Lol!!

They talked, thanked us and Koyama asked us to shout their name~ I gave it my all, of course!! NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol~

They disappeared into the backstage again. We shouted for encore again, lol!!

They came out again!!!!!! XD Lol!!!!! XD

Koyama said that he heard very loud thunder and that it's raining outside, and that we should go home! Awwww~!

But noooooo, we insisted on an encore, lol!!!!!! Then they're like, we're so wagamama (something like wilful and selfish), lol!! XD Of course la, we are your girlfriends, right?? Lol!!!!!!!! XD

So they sang Nagisa no Onee Summer!!!!!! I think la, lol!

Then we kept quiet and they shouted, "Arigatou gozaimashita!" without microphones 💜💖💛💚♥♥♥♥

And they disappeared into the backstage again!!

We started shouting for encore but the announcement service this time was by a male voice which said that we were to remain in the Hall for another 30minutes because of the rain and thunder and lightning outside.

And then we were like, Yay!!!!!! XD So we started shouting for NEWS to come out again!!!!!!!! XD

They really came out!! Lol!! Then Koyama and Massu were like, they almost wanna kick us out (they made the action, damn funny), lol!!!!!!!!! But of course, Koyamama was really concern about our safety as well!! XD

Koyama said this is a special con coz this' the third encore!! Only today!! XD

Then they said they feel like playing! So....... They picked up their towels....... Koi Matsuri!!!!!!!!!! Lol!! Tired but so fun!!!!!!!!! XD

And finally, it's ended.. Ahhhhhh, so happy that I could go to this special con!!!!!!! OMG, thank you so so so so much, YY-chan!!!!!!!! ♥♥

You know why YY-chan's so nice? Because she's a fishy too!!!!!

It's good to have a bachelor degree.. Can do whatever.. ;_;!! I wanna work in Japan!! ;_;!!

We exited the Hall and it's raining.. Not heavy but very irritating.

We walked to Morinomiya station instead of the Osaka Jo Koen station.. We were so excited and filled with happiness!! XD

They thought I'm 22years old at the most. Lol!!!!! XD They were shocked to find out I'm actually much older than that!! XD

I went to take my bag out of the locker~~~

I followed them to their hotel room at Toyoko-inn!! XD It's super small! Lol~~

We chatted lotsa stuff while K-chan's fan was bathing~ That's when I found out that YY-chan is a fishy too! She's such a nice and funny person!! XD

Then at about 11:45pm, D-chan arrived at the lobby!!!!!!!! XD She was checking in to our room when we went down~

Yeah, I shared a room with her~! As I looked like I'm a zombie to them, they went ahead to "dinner" (super late, like, 11++pm?!) while I packed and bathed~~ Woohoo! Shiok!! XD

I packed very slowly and then bathed halfway, I heard D-chan came back to the room, lol~~

Before I packed, I removed my shoes and found that my socks were drenched and I didn't realise it! It's really quite cui!! My VANS!! Why become cui?! Why?! My favourite pair of shoes!! ;_;!!

Anyway, D-chan packed then bathed while I sat on the bed and waited for my hair to dry~

We talked about Tegoshi and NEWS, of course!! XD Her ichiban is Tego too!! XD

Always feel so happy to be able to talk about my beloved NEWS and Tego with people who also like them~~ HAPPINESS~~~~!!!!!! ♥♥

Expenditure for 23 August:

  • Breakfast and lunch (¥497)
  • Tokyo to Osaka Shinkansen (¥13240)
  • Pocari Sweat (¥150)
  • NEWS goods [Pamphlet, Towel, Tumbler, Hair Clip, T-shirt (¥2000 + ¥-forgot)]
  • Locker (¥300)
  • Dinner (¥370)

Oyasuminasai!! 💜💖💛💚♥♥♥♥

♥ ♤ ♥


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