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NEWS LIVE TOUR 2013 - Osaka Jo Hall 24 August - Actual Concert!

Woke up and D-chan went out first~ But I was fast as I packed the night before so when I went down for free breakfast, D-chan and YY-chan were also having breakfast! XD I had a very Japanese breakfast with rice, lotus root and miso soup!! ♥

It's raining outside and I didn't have umbrella.. So I went to the venue with them with all my bags~ I shared D-chan's brolly, thankz!!!!!!

I deposited one of my bags at the locker at the Osaka Jo Koen station for ¥300~

We went to queue up for NEWS goods! XD One hour of waiting in the rain, so I decided to buy the mobile sticker, lol!!!!! XD ¥800~~

We made our way to the IMP shopping mall nearby to enjoy air-con and somehow dry ourselves~

Managed to find seats at Mac!! XD Amazing! Coz the whole mall was an army of NEWS fans!! XD

I finally had Mac in Japan!! It's Cheese Tsukimi! OMG! It's super nice!!!!!!! ¥360!

K-chan's fan arrived! Then she went to search for S-chan who just arrived at Osaka!!

Soon, she brought her here, lol! Amazing K-chan's fan~

We then set off to wait in q for toilet.. S-chan's not watching the noon show, so she went to the hotel first.

OMG, it's still raining!! -_-" We walked the long long way to the entrance again~~ I had to separate from them as I was sitting at Block I, Row 22, Seat 32!! Last row!!

Good thing was, I was much closer to the right side stage now!! OMG!!!!!!!! And this side was the side that Tego would be at more frequently!! XD

So everything was the same as yesterday except for the MC parts~~


The mc was interesting but still, I like yesterday's better! Lol!! They carried on the North, East West, S------ joke today, lol!! Everyone had a turn~! We had to beg Shige to do it!! XD

They started telling us about Tegoshi who was late on that very day! Lol! They were even joking like, "We can't afford to lose another member!" And proceeded to show is "what if Tego was late for the opening act"!! OMG! So funny! So they stood in place for World Quest but Tego was squatting down an hiding in between them! Lol!! Then the song played and they sang and dance but not Tego! Lol!! So funny! And Tego was like, "feeling guilty" and apologised by kneeling down, lol!! XD Ohhhhh Tego!!

Massu was saying how can anyone be so cool when they're late like Tego and he made the actions of what Tego was like when he rushed in coolly and then changed his clothes after throwing his bag one side, lol!! I was laughing like crazy!! Lol!! XD OMG, I love them so much!! XD

During the individual talk time, they copied each other again!! Lol!!!! But this time was about loving us a certain percentage and they kept adding on, lol!! Tego said 1000%, then rest came out one by one and added on to a bigger percentage, lol!!!!! So cute!!!!!!! XD

Later, when Tego was standing in the crane on the right side stage, he's higher and closer to us, right? I made a Skull uchiwa, right? I dunno but I hope, I think, he saw it!! I really hope so!! At that moment, I wanted to cry!! I was so excited!! I desperately wanted him to see it!! OMG!!!!!!! 💖💞💖💘💕💓💗

For the encore, only twice~~ Same content but without the "Arigatou gozaimashita!" without mic, hoho~! XD

I love the two whole days of NEWS experience!! With NEWS-loving nakama (comrades), it's really the best!! OMG!!!!!!!!

So we escaped to the IMP mall again as it's STILL raining! OMG..

Bought some food from the Matsumoto Kiyoshi and then rested on the second floor overlooking the entrance on ground floor.

That's when I saw A.s.h.-chan!! XD She's lugging lotsa NEWS goods!! She must have taken lotsa orders again, lol! It's how I know her last year! XD

Didn't see Ms-chan and Ar-chan though, a bit sad..

S-chan arrived wearing a T-shirt that features one of Massu's favourite hobbies, Tamiya 4-wheel drive mini cars!! XD

I walked with them back to the Hall and I went to the station while they went ahead to the Hall for the 5:30pm show!! XD

I had to get back to Tokyo!! ;_;!!

Saw so many people with the same bag as mine throughout my entire stay in Japan!! XD Same good taste, lol!! /BHB!

So I bought my dinner bento and strawberry yogurt drink at the conbini and it's really cheap, lol~~

I finally found my way to the Shinkansen green window and bought my ticket~! A long line was at the door for car 3.. No choice la.. XD

I sat with a girl for a few stations then at Nagoya, a lot people alighted, I quickly shifted to one seat in front, lol! Window seat!! XD

Dinner was yummy~ XD I also finally ate the Soyjoy I bought yesterday, lol!

By about 8 or 9pm?? I reached home~~ I even bought breakfast for next day in Seiyu, lol!

24Hour TV charity show started!! XD I cried so damn much during Ohno's drama! ;_;!!

My friend, HS, only reached home at about 12:45am coz she got caught up with work problems~~

Expenditure for 24 August:

  • NEWS goods [Mobile sticker & Special Album (¥800 + ¥3000)]
  • Osaka to Tokyo Shinkansen (¥13240)
  • Transport top-up (¥1000)
  • Lunch (¥360)
  • Ottotto Consommé (¥105)
  • Locker (¥300)
  • Dinner (¥400)
  • 25th's breakfast (¥257)

OMG, my dream-like two days of NEWS ended~~ OMG OMG OMG~~~~~~ I'm gonna save all my money from September 2013 to next year so that I can come to Japan again for NEWS!!!!!!!!! XD

Though this year's the more important year as it's NEWS 10th birthday!! ;_;! September 7th at Tokyo Dome! I'd already be back in SG!! NOOOOOOO!! ;_;!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, oYuyaMassumi!! 💜💖💛💚❤❤❤❤

♥ ♤ ♥


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