Saturday, 17 August 2013 @ 23:30

NEWS LIVE TOUR 2013 - Sendai Xebio 17 August - Goods Purchase!

Woke up at 7am and went out~

Nice Hotel~~~~~!

Bought onigiri, bun and mineral water at Lawson!

Took subway to Nagamachi and exited correctly at North 1, but walked one round before reaching Xerbio Arena Sendai, lol!! XD

Only part-timers were there and the set-up people.. Plus a few NEWS fans!! They're all in groups or pairs so I didn't approach them..

By 8:50am, I was eating the onigiri and fanning myself, lol! Hot! But luckily, there's some wind!

One of the best items to bring for this trip!!

After eating, I tried to find rubbish bin but found none! So I kept my rubbish, lol..

There's a girl alone, so I went to say hi! OMG, congratz to me! Lol!! I actually talked to strangers!!

She's a Uni student who had been to SG for exchange before!! Wow, cool!! She's Koyama fan for 8 years!!

We talked a lot, lol.. About one hour? We exchanged twitter, hoho~

Then her friends came and she went with them.

Soon, the people were more or less done with the big booth and the girls went to q before the line was up, lol.. So I followed.

I was really in front! Yay!! As we were sitting down, it's really hot!! Like SCORCHING hot!! My skin was burning!!

There were mini vans selling kaki koori (ice kachang) but I was alone, I couldn't leave my spot.. ;_;!

Then at about 12nn, more people stood up! Lol.. So I followed. Soon, the selling started despite the time stated on the website was 1330h!! XD HAPPY!!

By 12:35pm, I was done buying the NEWS Concert Goods I wanted!!

However, I forgot to buy the towel and pamphlet!!!!!! OMG!! I also gave up on the hair clips! Lol!

It's okay, I'll get them all on the 24th!!!!!! XD

I bought all these and lugged them back to my hotel!! XD Heavy~!

I rested, tidied, packed, took photos, watched TV for two hours. My skin was red, lol! I applied the moisturiser and felt much better!!

By 3:30pm, I saw that it's not so hot outside, I then dared to go out, lol!!

I walked to Sendai Eki, surprisingly near! So I shall walk with my big and heavy luggage tomorrow too! XD

I reached the eki and immediately went to buy the Shinkansen tickets for tomorrow!! The lady was so nice!! She wrote the train name for me after noticing my bad Japanese!! ♥ Figured I'm a tourist ne!! XD

So I started my 3+hours of walking!! XD The shopping centres are cooling but nah, I have too much of malls in SG, lol! I took an exit from PARCO and I saw a shopping street!!

I'm in Japan!!!!!!!!!! XD Lol, that's what I thought.. XD

So I walked on and on!! There's really a lot cheaper stuff! Like the Biore sunscreen costs only S$9+!! SG is S$16.90 on offer!! OMG!!

Randomly took photos of this awesome DDR player!!

I also played Jubeat and Reflec Beat for ¥100 each!! XD OMG, shiok!! XD Sibei happy!!

ABC MART also has super nice Converse but it's about S$52, ¥3990.. Though it's cheap, I don't have the money!!!! ;_;!! See if I can save enough by the end of this year, go Taipei buy!! XD

Dr. Martens!!!!!!!! Nice! Singapore doesn't have any individual shops for this brand! Sadz!

Saw someone who's wearing the same shoes as me, except that her colours were brighter and lighter, mine are blue!

Daiso was ¥105..!! Oh, 5% GST!! XD

By the third traffic light, I turned back, lol! Very far already!!

I saw a big poster for Pokémon Centre on the 3rd floor of PARCO!! Omg! Yes!!

I went up and saw uniqlo first, so I bought a skull tee at only ¥790!! Unbelievable!! It's double the price if I bought it in SG!! Omg!!

I love the Pokémon Centre!! I want everything inside!!!!!! But I didn't buy anything and left.. No $$! XD Lol!! XD

So I only bought the Biore sunscreen~~ And these two from Daiso~!

After finding nothing cheap enough to eat, I walked back to my hotel and saw Yoshinoya on the way~!!

¥280 only!! Yummy and filling!! So much more meat than SG's Yoshinoya!! My first official MEAL in Japan!! XD

From 6:30pm, I ate till 7pm, lol!! I eat very slowly de! 6:30pm, NEWS concert started.. XD S$600 per tix is really out of my range, lol!!

By then, the sun set completely! Wow!! That's early~~~

Returned to my hotel and rested, tidied up, packed, watched TV, whatsapp-ed, etc, then bathed. Lol!!

Hmmm I dunno why, but why people looked at me like.. I dunno, lol.. My dressing weird?? Hey, it's summer!! XD

Arashi ni Shiyagare!! Wow!! 1.5hours special!! XD

Next week, it's 24hours TV!! I didn't know!! XD Woohoo!!

Shingeki no Kyojin will only air at 2am!! OMG.. Cannot.. Too tired.. Tomorrow, I have a train to catch at 9:46am! Lol!


♥ ♤ ♥


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