Wednesday, 28 August 2013 @ 23:30

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥86- 小山慶一郎 Koyama Keiichiro 28.8.2013


I'm Koyama Keiichiro


"Dodosukosukosuko, inject love " / "Dodosukosukosuko, rabu chuunyuu "

It's a lie (laughs)


Outdoor, arena tour ended yesterday without any hiccups

We reciprocated our love, didn't we

For me, this is probably the first time I felt like I made a very "me" live concert Showed everything of the present Koyama Keiichiro

Indeed, the feeling of distance between NEWS and NEWS fans are close Becoming each others' support, I thought about that a lot
If anything bad happened to you, think of NEWS, and work hard! We'll be near and supporting you

The tour ended without any hiccups, next, it's finally "Dome"

I wonder how's it like seeing the scenery at the Dome with 4 people??

Standing on the Dome,
It's all thanks to everyone
Holding feelings of gratitude in our hearts, we're going to make new history

People who came for this time's concert, people who wanted to come but couldn't come, thanks for your love always

I'll make you happy

My beloved wife

Is Koyama trying to become Doraemon?! Lol!! XD

He's so funny!! I miss NEWS so much!!!!!!!


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