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Toma's Room vol. 539 12 August 2013 [Ikuta Toma no Heya 生田斗真の部屋 Jweb Translation]

8/12 vol.539

Good morning—

At Shimanto, it's been over 40 degrees for 3 consecutive days.
Let's be careful not to get heatstroke, okay, everyone.

I'm doing practices.
I'm fighting.

I apologise for not writing much.

Ah, the rain is also amazing...
Please be careful, everyone.

-- "Shimanto" is a very neat place, modelled after Kyoto, in Kochi Prefecture, very far in the south-west of Tokyo.

Wow, he's so far out!

41°C!! OMG!! That's crazy!! Only 31°C in Singapore and I'll be like, "I'm melting!!"

Haha~~ XD

I hope Toma's okay too!!

I'll be heading to Japan very soon! In a matter of 12hours' time, I'll be on the plane to Japan!!!!!!! XD

I hope I won't be burnt to crisp!! XD

Look out for my updates on NEWS concert days, 17th and 24th August!! ♥♥♥♥

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