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Toma's Room vol. 540 21 August 2013 [Ikuta Toma no Heya 生田斗真の部屋 Jweb Translation]

8/21 vol.540

Rehearsal Hall News

I wear rock t-shirts to practices everyday and the costars told me,

"Toma-kun has lots of t-shirts, right—"

"Ah, this is Hi-STANDARD."

"Then yesterday's?"

"Yesterday's was Maximum the Hormone."

"Ohhhh— That's super cool"

And that made me feel good.

Then, at the same time, I was being attacked by narcissist thoughts like, "Isn't it unforgivable to wear the same t-shirt again?? Don't you want to see what t-shirt I wear??" and I feel pressurised everyday on what to wear to practices.

Seagull. coming soon...

-- "Hi-STANDARD" is a rock band and you can read about them here.

-- "Maximum the Hormone" is a rock band which sang some Anime songs and you can read about them here.

-- "coming soon..." was typed in English.

Hmmm.. Didn't know Toma's taste is as varied as mine, haha.. From Backstreet Boys to heavy metal rock? Okay~ High Five Toma! XD

He's so funny! LOL! They only mentioned it once! And maybe just out of curiosity! They don't really wanna know what t-shirts you have besides those that you've worn! LOL!! XD

So cute~~ ♥♥

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