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Toma's Room vol. 541 22 August 2013 [Ikuta Toma no Heya 生田斗真の部屋 Jweb Translation]

8/22 vol.541

Rehearsal Hall News 2

Usually I'll have lunch at the rehearsal hall. The menu is usually decided too.

Yes. It's curry.

I was a bit early at the rehearsal hall and I was eating curry when the costars said,

"Ah, eating curry again! Where's today's from?"

"Ah, this is Chicken Curry from ◯◯◯"

"Then yesterday's?"

"Ah, yesterday's was Indian Curry from ✕✕✕"

"Ohhh Looks good."

"It's good, please try some!"

"Ah! It's good!"

And that made it a feel-good day.

At the same time, I was attacked by narcissist thoughts like, "Must I also eat curry tomorrow?? Don't you want to see the way I eat curry?"
And I will try a bit harder to wish for a day of onigiri sometimes while eating curry.

ps.MatsuJun returned the pin badges to me laughs.

-- "ps." was typed in English.

-- The "ps" was actually about the episode where MatsuJun, Funasshi and some others who wanted to apologise to some people before doing the 24 Hour Television with a clean heart. And MatsuJun took Toma's badges off his jacket for fun, to prank him, because he was previously showing them off. However, Toma didn't realise his badges were gone! MatsuJun felt bored and totally forgot about it and left them in his room for about half a year, if I didn't remember wrongly, haha!! XD Half a year later, Toma DID NOT REALISE THEY'RE GONE until this show went to interview him!! LOL!! *rofl*

Curry. Toma's favourite food. It's my favourite food too!!!!!!!! LOL!! XD

Toma is such a funny guy~ He's so absent-minded!!!!!!! LOL!! I was laughing damn loudly in my hotel room in Japan! LOL! This episode showed when I was there and I watched it, lucky!! XD

Super cute~~~~~~~~~~~! ♥♥

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