Tuesday, 10 September 2013 @ 13:10

NEWS 10th Anniversary Special Voice Clock

Hi Chakanpaana!! ♥

I've heard the funny messages in the NEWS Alarm Clock, have you? If you have not and you want to listen to it, please go over HERE to download them fast because they'll be locking it today! Sorry for the late notice!

But fret not! I've edited them and came up with files that don't repeat themselves i.e. they speak only once. Plus, a combined version of all five files!!


Please note that I'll be leaving this up for only a week!! Please DO NOT REPOST or REUPLOAD to any other places! Thank you for your co-operation!! ♥♥♥♥

How I wish I have the real clock!! It's so cute!! The design is simple and classic! White background with their symbols at the quarters and on top at the silver button.

Hope you enjoyed them! Tell me your favourite message! XD

My favourite message is, of course, Tegonyan's! XD

So here goes, the translation!
Koyama: Ohayou gozaimasu. Koyama Keiichirou desu. Kyou no NEWS wa boku no ha-to ga nusumaremashita. Omae ni. Fuuuu~!

Good morning. I am Koyama Keiichiro. In the news today, my heart was stolen by you. Fuuuu~!

Tego: Ohayou! Omae no kareshi Tegonyan dayo~! Hayaku okitekurenai to, okoshi ni icchau zo! Kyou mo aishiatte ikouze!

Good morning! It's your boyfriend, Tegonyan~! If you don't hurry up and wake up, I'll go over to wake you up! Let's be in love today too!

Massu: Ohayou- (Normal Massu) Okite~ (Cute Massu) Okiro! (Angry Massu) Okite~~ (Opera Massu Begging) O Kit Te! (CUTE MASSU) Okiro yo (Dark Massu) Fufufufufu~~~ (Laughs-at-himself laughter)

Good morning- (Normal Massu) Please wake up~ (Cute Massu) Wake up! (Angry Massu) Please wake up~~ (Opera Massu Begging) Please Wake Up! (CUTE MASSU) Wake up now (Dark Massu) Fufufufufu~~~ (Laughs-at-himself laughter)

Shige: Ohayooooooooooooo! Yabe. Nodochinko tondetta.

Good morniiiiiiiiiiing! Damn. My uvula flew out.

O! Ha! Yo! U! Ohayou! NEWS dayo! Me akete! Ha migaite! Gohan tabete! Pajama kara kigaete~ Kyou mo~ Ichinichi tanoshimou!

O! Ha! Yo! U! Good morning! It's NEWS! Open your eyes! Brush your teeth! Eat breakfast! Change out of your pajamas~ For the whole of today too~ Let's have fun!
AH~~~~~!!!!! SO CUTE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥

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