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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥87- 加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki 4.9.2013


“It’s scary to be unconscious” / “Muishiki tte kowai”

It’s 3 days to Dome.

It’s September on the calendar.

But we’re having last minute meetings. Working hard on making it even better.

It looks like it’s going to be an interesting live concert, event.

That’s the things we get from meetings.

Meeting is over, sitting in front of me is Koyama-san taking out the bagel and red tea from his paper bag which he prepared in case he gets hungry.

It looks like he’s going to start with drinking the red tea because the bagel will have the water from his mouth.

Everyone knows that Koyama-san is in the sweet gang.

He twisted open the cap of the syrup and I thought he was going to pour the syrup into his red tea…


Into the paper bag.

Without thinking, “Eh” escaped me.

Koyama-san saw my eyes, laughed and said, “That’s close.”

No no. You already poured it into the paper bag.


Kooooo waaaaa iiiii yoooooooO!!!!!! / Scaryyyyyyy!!!!!!

In the middle of the MC during live concerts, he would confuse things like water with mic, he would drink from the top of the mic, Koyama-san has a lot of such absent-minded episodes….

Recently, he’s levelling up from absent-mindedness.

Among that, the syrup inside the paper bag is starting to gradually flow out of it through the bottom.

The paper bag was also surprised.

“Eh, you’re pouring syrup into me!??? Are you kidding me? Are you overjoyed or what?”

That’s how I would feel.

I’m worried about his future. I wonder if he can reach Tokyo Dome safely.

He’s been saying stuff like “My beloved wife” but honestly, I wouldn’t want such a husband.

If he’s going to call himself a leader all the time, I wish for him to be more reliable, yes (laughs).

Aside from him the Tokyo Dome live should be wonderful!!!

Let’s make a happy space.

Of course, we're thinking of making it an event such that we can also convey our gratitude to those who can't come!!

This month is NEWS month!!!

On the'd be

"The September that's NEWS 10th Anniversary".

It's not very good...

Well, though we're like this, support ussss from now on too!!!

Shige so harsh!!!!!!!!! XD Awwwww.. Poor Leader!! XD He's really "blur"! I'm like that too.. We're very scatter-brain! Lol!! XD

The Sep 7th event was great, though I couldn't be there.. I demand DVD!! But please release it later, lol!! Now I'm too broke!! XD

I loveNEWS so damn much!!!!!!

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