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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥88- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 11.9.2013

増田貴久『It's BAD』→

NEWS      LIVE TOUR 2013

A total of 15 concerts from Chichibunomiya to Tokyo Dome

Ended without any hiccups!

It was fun!

A lot of people came to see us, we were able to live our days happily!

To all people getting into our lives,
We thank you
Thank you very much

So, it's "i" this time



It's BAD!
Hmm, the solo songs that I was able to do

Akatsuki -AKATSUKI-, Pumpkin, SUPERMAN, PeekaBoo...

I love all the solo songs I managed to do

This time, it's Remedy !

Remedy is the best ! I love it!

Solo songs are also fussed over every time while being produced so I love them

( ̄▽ ̄)

Feels like that !

See u

-- "It's BAD!" was typed in English along with the song titles!

Massu!!!!!!! OMG! Why so cute?!?! XD I really like Remedy!! The dance for this song, OMG~~~~~~!! ♥♥

And all the things he did during the concert, I can never forget!! Like the "Dokudoku shiteru" part in Dance in the Dark~~~ OMG~~~~~~!!!!!!! Phew! Sexy Massu~~!! XD

I still can't figure out who's gonna write next.. I think it's Tego? Lol!! ♥

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