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Singapore NEWS 10th Anniversary Chankapaana Gathering!! シンガポール・チャンカパーナNEWS10周年誕生会‼

Woke up at about 10:30am~~

Had breakfast then cooked something I saw on FB! XD

Slit the hotdog 4/5 of it and then turn it outwards and use a toothpick to secure the ends and it will look like a heart shape!! XD

Use a flat pan not like me, I used a small wok...... ;_;!

As my eggs were big and the shapes were small, I decided to just beat the eggs. 9 hotdogs, 6 big eggs. Just nice.

So the egg would flow out of the hotdog, because of the wok's round shape. Lol.. But it's okay~

Result!! Just remove the flowed out eggs and toothpicks then you'll get these!! Pretty!! XD

Pink and Yellow...... Tegomass eggs!!!!!! XD ♥♥ テゴマス卵‼ XD

I bathed and had lunch and packed the hearts! I made 8! My youngest sister ate one! Lol!! XD

I went out later than my target of 1pm! Oh noes!! Luckily bus 50 came!!

I reached on time at 2pm and almost all of them were there already! XD We talked and waited for another two till about 2:30pm but was told to go first~

OMG~~~~~~ My NEWS pouch!! Regular edition of the CD plus something special can usually be found at concert venues!! OMG, thankz D-chan for helping me to buy it!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥💜💖💛💚

Also received yummy Hokkaido strawberry ice-creams from Q-chan! Arigatou!!

Bus 400 didn't come for quite a while too..

We went to Marina Barrage for picnic!! XD

NEWS 10th anniversary birthday cake!! The girls decorated it at Icing Room! Very nice!!!!!!

It's a Black Forest cake~

Of course, we sang NEWS' unique birthday song, "Happy Birthday"!!
♪~~~"Umareta koto, deaeta koto, ima soba ni ireru koto, arigatou, kimi no happy birthday, ichi nen ni ichi do no mahou tokubetsu na hi."~~~♪

10 girls celebrating NEWS 10th. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Perfect.

We flew kites!! Purple for leader, Koyama! Pink for Tegoshi! Yellow for Massu! Green for Shige! White with our messages on it!

They asked me to draw something on the white kite! OMG, I hope I did a good job! Did I or didn't I? XD

Later, all of us wrote our messages on it!! We love NEWS!!!!!!!

I just spammed the camera! Press only!! I couldn't see the screen because of the sun!! So I just press only! XD Spam!!

Ended up, we kept saying things like, "Leader is flying really high!!" Or "Shige! Fly!!!!!" Or "Massu is really flying very high and for a long time!!" Or "Tego go go go!!" Lol!!!!!! Had lotsa fun, haha! XD

Picnic!! XD The NEWS □♡▽○ onigiri were made by D-chan!! Very creative and yummy!!

We listened to NEWS songs, D-chan danced their moves, she's great!!!!!! We also listened to them saying other people's tweets about the Tokyo Dome celebration on that very day itself!

The voices in the alarm clocks are sooooo funny!! Shige can definitely scare me out of bed!! Lol!! They're just SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

Then we flew kites again for a short while before we packed up and said goodbye~~

Photo from Q-chan's phone~ We are NEWS, yoroshiku! XD

This girl was the one I bought all those Toppo for!! Q-chan!! Lol!! XD She has the same birthday as Ryo-chan but much younger! She bought Fighting Man because it's released on 3rd Nov and it's also the reason I bought it too! Coz it's released on Ryo's birthday!! XD

We split up and some went town, some went for dinner.

Satay by the Bay.. Cute ketupat on the entrance! Lol!!

OMG! The entire old Marina South came here, right?!?!?! The steamboat, OMG!!!!!!!! 原來在這裡!I miss it sooooooooo much!!!!!!! Now I can relive my school days! C'mon friends! Let's go have steamboat!!!!!!!!

But we only ate the satay la, lol!!

$2 sugar cane drink and $4 satay!! Yummy yummy dinner!! XD

Then we called it a night and went home~~~~~ Reached home at about 10+pm~~

It's such a fun fun fun day!! Thankz to D-chan and the girls who organised this!! I had a very fun day~! I think it's amazing that she could find single-coloured kites! Lol! XD

More NEWS, more fun! ♥♥♥♥

Otsukaresama deshita!!!!!!!!


♥ ♤ ♥

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