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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥94- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 23.10.2013



I am Masuda TAKAHISA!

Ah, it's not supposed to be in katakana.

It's Takahisa

How are you—?!

Yes, if you're fine then da—!!!!!

Getting excited here, so the theme this time is


I'm the moodmaker
I had mussels (mu—ru
For free (muryou)
It's impossible (muri)
It's very very (mucha mucha)

... I'm Masuda Takahisa



Let's use dream! Some days ago, I had a nightmare for the first time!

Two friends were there with me and one of them turned scary, and I escaped and the other one also turned scary, and I thought "I'm dead!"

Wow—It was scary—!

But we forget dreams immediately, right?

But if we tell somebody or write it down, it's left behind, right—!

I always dream about it so I remember the battle with the bear and I haven't been dreaming it even though our battle has not ended yet—


The contents for today

"I'm sowwy" (muushiwakenai)

-- "TAKAHISA" was typed in katakana, haha!
-- "muushiwakenai" is supposed to be "moushiwakenai" but he intentionally went along with the theme of "mu", lol!

Massu is so cute!!!!!!!! XD

So the battle has been ongoing for how long?! Lol!!

He use sounds effects to describe what his friends turned into in his nightmare, so it was hard to understand at first! Luckily, my friend explained it to me!!

Sorry, I took so long to update! It's been crazy busy lately!!

m(_ _)m

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