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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥95- 加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki 30.10.2013


Mu, hmmm.

If I use "Mujun/Contradict" or "Muzaihoumen/Released upon not found guilty" or etc, I wonder if this jweb series will end—. Laughs

The me just now.

"Muriyari neta wo hineri dashite orimasu/I am forcibly twisting the story"

Recently, I've been doing things like watching movies and watching the goldfishes I started rearing. I've been living days like that.

That's why, story, you knowwww.

Ah, the goldfishes were safely introduced to my home.

There are two of them. They are Danny and Shaa. Or rather, They were named those.

By Koyama. On radio.

It'd be long if I explain how they came about, so please allow me to omit this.
Those who are interested, plz investigate it yourself.

Speaking of which, it's also goldfish talk this time.

The goldfishes have been in my home for three weeks. They are doing well swimming in the tank.

But the other day. Shaa-chan's fin had a mysterious white spot.

This is bad!

There's this white spot illness that goldfishes have, they will die when the white spots spread throughout their body!
It is an illness that will take a long time to heal. The level of difficulty for a beginner is high YO!

In any case, I planned to just observe first. . .

A nail-biting wait.

The following day.


The spot was gone!

There's such a thing!?

I went to research about this. Then, one possibility came up.



Goldfishes also have acneeeeeeEEE!!!!

But this is the most possible explanation...

If that's the case...

Aren't you envious that their acne can heal in one day!!!

Anyway, they are fine today too.

And I'm fine too.

Sowwy for always talking about such topics. Thisss was Kato Shigeaki~!

-- "YO" was typed in English!

m(_ _)m He's talking about the goldfishes he bought in NEWS RING 91! Sorry that I haven't translated that post yet!! I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!!! ;_;!


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