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NEWS Christmas Messages 2013

A few days ago, photos of each group's Christmas messages were starting to float on Twitter then FB, but according to my friend, JFC had to cover the noticeboard or something because there are idiots who sold the photos they took there! OMG! Why must there be black sheeps among our fandom?! Previously, there was the JE Ticket scam by some black sheep Arashi fans. OMG..

Please please please! Every one of us has the same love for our idols, please do not try to make money out of this fandom, it will only make us be hated by our idols! Always think twice before doing anything! Internet is far and wide and everywhere, our idols will know who you are if you do something bad! Likewise, they will also know who put in the effort for them no matter where you are!!

So don't do things that will make people hate you, always be mindful, thoughtful and sincere in all your actions, that will make the world a better place to live in! That's what I believe.

Okay, so, enough about that, lol!

Photo taken from somewhere on Twitter, I forgot, sorry! LOL!

If you have individual photos of the messages and their photos, please x10000 send me, I'll credit properly!!


CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy NEWS year!!
Shiawase ni suru ne ♡
Koyama Keiichirou


Merry Christmas
Happy NEWS year!!
Follow us!!
Koyama Keiichiro

Meri—kurisumasu & Akemashite omedetou ^_^
Doumo Tegoshi Yuuya desu.
2014 nen wa ichaicha kaidou masshigura de ikou ze!!
Seme tsudukeru kara kakugou shitoke yo?
Rabu rabu shisugite sekai ni yakimochi yakaseyou ♡
Yoroshiku na! Konekochan ♡

Tegoshi Yuuya


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^_^
Hi I'm Tegoshi Yuya.
Let's flirt full tilt in 2014!!
Be prepared because I'll be on continuous assault okay?
Let's be so lovey dovey that makes the world jealous ♡
Please take care of me! My little kitten ♡

Tegoshi Yuya

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu
Merry XmaS ★



Happy New Year
Merry Xmas ★


Merry christmas
A Happy New Year!!
Make my day ♪

Katou Shigeaki

Awwww, of course I love Tego's message best!! LOL!!

But for the design, I love Massu's best!!

And for the NEWS love, Koyama's the best!!

And for international Paanas, Shige's the best!!

LOL!! NEWS is indeed the BEST group!!!!!!!


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NEWS - SEVEN COLORS - Lyrics from BEST ARTIST Version - English Translation and 中文翻译!

Have you watched the first LIVE performance of SEVEN COLORS by NEWS on BEST ARTIST on the past Wednesday 27th November? To be honest with you, I love NEWS a lot but I cannot deny that they could have done better that night. I think that KoyaShige did very well and Koyama is always improving! Tegoshi was too excited and I felt that some parts were just too damn high! LOL! His harmony also didn't match Koyama's part during ♪ "Nakama no koe..." As for Massu, I was the most disappointed at his solo parts, but I think that he might not be feeling well that night! People said that he's got smokey eye make-up, I think that it's just his tired eyes!

During Chankapaana, it's a lot better because it's the gazillionth time they performed that song, haha!!

Tegoshi: "Thank you! I will work hard!"

Ahhhh~!! I love SEVEN COLORS!! Being the theme song for Tegoshi's 2nd consecutive hosting gig, FIFA Club World Cup which is hosted by Japan for the 3rd consecutive time, it is a lively and encouraging song that has incorporated all seven colours representing the different soccer clubs all over the world that will participate!

So without further ado, let's take a look at the lyrics revealed so far!!


NEWS - SEVEN COLORS - Kanji Lyrics

ゆるぎない夢へ 走りだす Color

きっと きっと 煌く SEVEN COLORS 叶うから...

Let's go 向かっていく 青い空の下
Get a goal 白黒の願い蹴り上げて
光る緑の上 それぞれの色が舞う
ショータイム take me high

そうだ まだ まだ We go to the top!


歓喜まき込んで 勝ちに拘って

BLUE, ORANGE! キラキラするから

ゆるぎない夢へ 走りだす Color
きっと きっと 煌く SEVEN COLORS

Ah ah ah ah 赤っ恥かいたって Go ahead
黄金夢(ゴルドドリーム) 手に入れるまで

I know I'm ready to go I know I'm ready to go
woo wo o o o 迷い 蹴散らせ


ゆるぎない夢へ 走りだす Color
ずっとずっと駆けてく Oh yeah!
BLUE, ORANGE? 鮮やかな希望
この手に掴むまで あきらめない Color
もっと もっと 輝け SEVEN COLORS 叶うから...

NEWS - SEVEN COLORS - Romaji Lyrics

Ikuzo black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange nanairo no mahou
Yuruginai yume e hashiri dasu Color
Kitto kitto kirameku SEVEN COLORS kanau kara...

Let's go Mukatteiku aoizora no shita
Get a goal Shirokuro no negai keriagete
Nakama no koe ni omoi wa kasokusuru
Hikaru midori no ue sore zore no iro ga mau
Showtime take me high
Souda mada mada We go to the top!

Ikuzo black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange nanairo no mahou
Kanki makikonde kachi ni kodawatte
Zutto zutto kaketeku
You're so... Black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange kira kira suru kara
Yuruginai yume e hashiri dasu Color
Kitto kitto kirameku SEVEN COLORS

Ah ah ah ah akahhajikaitatte Go ahead
Gold dream te ni ireru made
Nando mo taosaretatte haitskubatte asu e basu dase
I know I'm ready to go  I know I'm ready to go
woo wo o o o mayoi kechirase

Black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange nanairo no mahou
Yuruginai yume e hashiri dasu Color
Zutto zutto kaketeku Oh yeah!
Ikuzo Black or white, yellow, green or red
Blue, orange azayaka na kibou
Kono te ni tsukamu made akiramenai Color
Motto motto kagayake SEVEN COLORS kanau kara...

NEWS - SEVEN COLORS - English Translation

Let's go, the magic of seven colours
Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange
Colours that run towards the unwavering dream
Because the shiny seven colours will definitely definitely come true...

Let's go towards it under the blue sky
Get a goal kick the wish in the colours of black and white
Thoughts accelerate upon the voice of comrades
On the bright green (field) different colours dance
Showtime take me high
Yes, just a bit a bit more We go to the top!

Let's go, the magic of seven colours
Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange
Surrounded by cheers, focus on winning
Always keep running
You're so... black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange because you're glittery
Colours that run towards the unwavering dream
The seven colours that are definitely absolutely shiny

Ah ah ah ah Red from embarrasment Go ahead
Until I get my hands on the golden dream
No matter how many times I was defeated and crawled, I will set off on the bus for tomorrow
I know I'm ready to go  I know I'm ready to go
woo wo o o o Kick away my hesitation

The magic of seven colours
Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange
Colours that run towards the unwavering dream
Always keep running Oh yeah!
Let's go, the fresh hope that's
Black, white, yellow, green, red, blue and orange
Colours that I decided that I will not give up until I get my hands on (winning)
Because the seven colours can get more and more shiny and it will come true...


走吧 黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 七色的魔法
肯定肯定輝煌的七色 因為會實現...

走吧 走去那裡 在藍天下
進球 把黑白的願望踢上去
在一片綠得發光(的草坪上) 各種各樣的顏色在起舞
表現的時候到了 讓我嗨起來
對了 還沒 還沒 我們要去頂端!

走吧 黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 七色的魔法
被歡呼聲包圍 專注在取得勝利
你真的很... 黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 因為你閃閃發亮

啊 啊 啊 啊 尷尬得臉紅 繼續向前衝
我知道我已做好準備 我知道我已做好準備
woo wo o o o 迷茫 把它踢飛

黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 七色的魔法
一直一直跑過去 Oh yeah!
走吧 黑色,白色,黃色,綠色,紅色,藍色和橙色 鮮艷的希望
直到用我的手得到為止 都不放棄的顏色
更加 更加 輝煌的七色 因為會實現...

That's all for my basic skeletal translations for both languages! XD Hope I didn't make a mistake!

As for reposting and stuff, please please please tweet me for permission before doing anything!

Thank you very much!!

Have a nice day!!

♥♥♥♥NEWS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

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Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 28.11.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
27.11.13 1030h

Nishikido desu!

Ima, Kisarazu desu.
Kono ato wa Makuhari desu.
Ashita wa doko kana!


I'm Nishikido!

Now, I'm at Kisarazu.
Ill be at Makuhari later.
I wonder where I will be tomorrow!

Lol! So cute!! Why was he there? It's for BEST ARTIST!!

The place that had the BEST ARTIST Live was Makuhari Messe!!


Kanjani8 was being their usual funny self during the show and Ryo was just being himself, very cool and quiet with not much facial expression and kept pushing Ohkura to stand in front of him.. Why why why? And he's always standing to the side in many videos and photographs.. ;_;! Why why why?! ;_;!!

Anyway, so where will he be next? LOL



Lol~~ Ja mata~

Wednesday, 27 November 2013 @ 23:00

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥99- 加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki 27.11.2013


Speaking of panty.

Is it ty? Is it te? Is it I? Is it i? Is it —?

I don't know so let's just use ty—. I'll leave it to the next person.

Ty—. That's tea.

Basically, when we say tea, it's red tea. Ryokucha is green tea. Ooloncha is oolong tea.

Food that matches red tea, what do you imagine?

Though milk tea, lemon tea or straight tea will come to mind, well, bread and confectionary also come to mind.

Bread is like scones or apple pie?
It will also definitely go well with the trending pancakes, won't it.

I have never eaten that before so I don't know!!!!

In the first place, among the teas that I have at home, red tea is the one which doesn't really go down in volume. Coffee, green tea, oolong tea and red tea, in that order.

Though coffee is not tea!!!!

I think I'm in the coffee camp more than I'm in the red tea camp. I received a lot of red tea as gifts but... if I don't use it, it's a waste, isn't it.

Speaking of pancake, I remembered something.

Yesterday, I received a souvenir that Tegoshi-kun bought overseas. He went again, didn't he.

"Here! Souvenir for all of you!"

The thing in the bottle is...

Maple!!!! Syrup!!!!!

Hey hey, the one who's happy to receive this was....

"Seriously, thank you Tegoshi!!!"

Koyama-kun. The Koyama-kun who will turn 30 next year.

There were still a lot of maple-san and this syrup-senpai in Tegoshi-kun's bag.

Obviously, some are for his own use.

Didn't you hate sweet stuff?


No—, for me... I stopped using things like maple syrup since high school? Am I too much?

But thank you!! Because I'm happy that you even thought of us while you're overseas...


(I'm not really thinking about returning it to him okay?)

I get it! I'll use it! Thank you Tegoshi!

So, what does one use maple syrup for again? Things like pancake or... French toast?

It's probably good! It's a rare chance, so shall I try making it? If we're talking about tea, I start having that kind of breakfast feeling!

Without me saying, you can roughly tell where Tegoshi went just by him buying maple syrup.

So now, we will be in Best Artist. It's the theme song of the CWC that Tegoshi-san is working as a host for.

The name is "SEVEN COLORS"!

It's been a long time since I danced and sang on television. We will dance a fair bit.
We will also do other songs! You must definitely check it out!

That's all, this was Kato-kun.

-- "CWC" & "SEVEN COLORS" were typed in English. Like, OF COURSE HARU!! Lol!! XD

-- "Talking about tea" was typed in katakana and when I realised it after two days, I laughed out loud!! Lol!! XD

-- "Breakfast feeling" was also typed in katakana. I have no idea why and does one really have breakfast feeling?! Lol!

-- "Check it out" was actually "che ki ra" in katakana, haha!!

And..... Maple syrup = a certain country?! What did Shige mean? Lol! Coz I dunno where Tego went! Is it Morocco?! Coz that's where the CWC is, right?! Lol!! Will NEWS be performing there or in Japan? Last year, they performed WORLD QUEST in Japan right? I dunno!! I'm sooooooooo not detail-oriented!! ;_;!!

Why did he call himself "Kato-kun"?! LOL!!

Tonight's Best Artist, did you watch? I watched a little bit!! First bit I caught was Naoto and then Porno Graffiti!! ♥♥

So I totally missed NEWS who was in between them! ;_; Baka Haru!!

Then it's the special medley from AKB48 with Heavy Rotation, NEWS with Chankapaana and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with Wearing Fake Eyelashes, lol!

Later, I caught V6 singing a song with a very loooooong name, lol!

Lastly, I caught TOKIO with LOVE YOU ONLY, their debut song!! I really like it a lot since last year? Or the year before? Lol!! XD

But yes, unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch NEWS' SEVEN COLOR!!

Luckily there are goddesses everywhere in NEWS fandom!! Ichigocherry-san uploaded SEVEN COLOR on Dailymotion!! Somebody else also uploaded it on YouTube!! ARIGATOU MINNA!!!!!!!!

Can tell that Sakurai dotes on NEWS, lol~ XD The other host, Hattori-san also dotes on Koyama and Shige because they're in Mirai Theatre~ Awwww thanks guys!!!!!!!

One of my friends,Q-chan, feedback that the performance was all over the place, lol!

For me, I think that KoyaShige did very well, like, they got improvement! Then Tego was like, waaaaaaay too excited!! Lol!! XD

And Massu.. Was he feeling unwell? He sounded a bit under the weather! He's smiling really wide though.. But I detected some fatigue behind the facade! ;_;!

Is he okay? I hope it's just a regular flu or something. Get well soon!!

/jumps to conclusion


I'm sooooo gonna repeat-watch that clip!! XD

I've also managed to translate the short lyrics HERE!!

Woohoo!! I love SEVEN COLORS!!!!!!

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Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 21.11.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
20.11.13 1913h



Good evening.
I will work hard!

Is this a new record of shortest jweb entry ever written?!

OMG...... -_-"

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 @ 23:00

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥98- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 20.11.2013

『Let's go!』→お

KonbanMasuda no Takacchi~

It has turned cold, hasn't it~
Have you caught a cold?

I'm also fine today with a T-shirt and parka

In the end, I heard the comments for the magazine and others and Message(s) that I always talk about clothes~ Laughs

Then let's talk about other stuff today!

1 The charm of sneaker
2 The wash that clothes like
3 Wearing that suit to the wedding ceremony?
4 The accessories I ordered recently
5 Something that starts with "o"

Something like this though?

So, 5 words that start with "o"!





I bought lots of new panties* recently—

I also like the older ones so I put them at the back of the shelf, in the front of the shelf are the new ones neatly arranged!

It looks nice actually! Laughs

Indeed, panties and socks are better if they're pretty!

Something like that

Please do set it as Opanty.

-- "KonbanMasuda no Takacchi~" I really can't invent something for this, lol.. It's a combination of "Hello" + "Masuda" and a new nickname for his first name like "Inocchi" from V6, lol! "Takahisa" - "Hisa" + "Cchi" = "Takacchi", lol!!

-- "Message" was typed in English!

-- "panties" is the way to say underwear for both genders in Japan, I guess. Lol!!

-- "Please do" at the last sentence is actually "onegaishimasuru" lol, Massu added a "ru", lol~

Massu is so cute!! And.... Why is he talking about underwear?! LOL!!!!!!! XD Like a girl, this part of him, haha!! XD

Ryo also said that Massu is like a girl when it comes to his bags. Massu's bags must never touch the floor. He will take one chair just to put his bag on it, haha!! Hey, my bags must never touch the floor as well!! Don't you know the floor is dirty?! XD

But luckily, I don't usually bring a bag, haha~

As far as I know, Ryo and Ueda also don't bring a bag when they go out. XD Yay~

The one who brings a big bag, do you know who?

MastuJun! LOL! He's a walking pharmacy!! LOL!! XD

Anyway, back to cute Massu~ He's actually got his manly side! He loves to eat but he is always able to burn everything and turn them into muscles! He will eat whoever says he's fat! LOL!! He can run very fast too! I think he's in the 11secs block for 100m dash! I also love Massu's dance the best in Johnny's! Fluid, sexy, highly technical too!! Ohno is a close competitor for dance even if you disagree!! XD

Thursday, 14 November 2013 @ 11:22

Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 14.11.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
14.11.13 1505h

Nishikido desu!!
Boku wa ima te—buru kurosu hikiyattemasu.

Yoyuu da ze!


I'm Nishikido!!
How're you?
I'm pulling the table cloth now.

So free!!

Okay, I can tell you're very bored but are you sure the stuff on that table won't fall as you're pulling the table cloth for fun?!?! Lol!!

Update on 29 Nov:

Ahhhh!!!!!! I'm so slow!! Now I know why he's pulling the table cloth!! Lol!!!!! Watched episode 7 on 25 Nov though! Lol!!!!! XD

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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥97- 手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya 13.11.2013

手越祐也『Let's go!』→

Hello I'm Tegoshi Yuya ♪
Recently I've been doing fulfilling jobs and living.
I also became 26 years old—!
How about everyone?

Though I think there will be people who will have a difficult year end, please try hard to be positive and enjoy whatever the matter may be!

The theme is "re"?
Hmm— Let's go!
The first words to pop out were these Laughs

Whatever the matter, I'm like this.
I wish to end the year such that I can think, "A lot happened in 2013 but it was a good year".
It'd be good if I can give my best in every single thing in year 2014.

I wish to do some stress-relieving activities.

My Japanese Koyama-fan was worried after reading Tego's entry and I told her that he's a positive kid, let's believe in him. Lol..

I truly think that he is tired but he's okay. He's not the type who will fall into depression or attempt suicide, so don't worry, Paana-tachi!!

^_^ Tego, if you're feeling stressed, don't come to SG, go to a relaxing resort to rest, not go to its nearby beach to play, okay?! Lol!! Remember all the love we, your little kittens, have for you! Love is power! ^_^

Anyway, have you left a message to NEWS? They made it onto the Best Artist show! Good work, all the Paana-tachi!!

Oh yeah, I haven't blogged about the day Singaporean Paana-tachi celebrated Tego's birthday!! Sorry!! I've been super tired, lazy, low-spirited recently so much so that I hate my too-high procrastination skills! ;_;!! Beat me! Scold me! ;_;!! I'm tooooooooo lazy!! ;_;!!

Gomen ne.

Sorry for the loooooooooong wait but here it is: Tegoshi's Birthday Celebration Post!!

All the Chankapaana-tachi from all over the world also made a video!! I did not make the video so I was shocked to see my face when I opened the link in Twitter! LOL! XD

Thursday, 7 November 2013 @ 22:30

Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 7.11.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
6.11.13 1757h

Nishikido desu.
Ima kara chuuka kuimasu!
Ebi chiri cha—han subuta


I'm Nishikido.
Eating Chinese food now!
Prawn Chilli Fried Rice with Sweet and Sour Pork

Oooo, sounds delicious! It may have looked like this picture! LOL! XD

So, Ryo can take spicy food? XD

Generally, Japanese can't really take spicy food~

MOS Burger's special summer edition this year had a Naan Curry Dog. It's VERY DELICIOUS and not spicy! Haha!!

How I wish the MOS Burger in Singapore also have special stuff the Japanese have at the same time!! ;_;!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013 @ 23:00

NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥96- 小山慶一郎 Koyama Keiichiro 6.11.2013


I'm Koyama Keiichiro.


Sukoburu ureshii hyoushi ore./ Extremely happy front cover me.

So, on Wink up for sale tomorrow the 7th,
I made the front cover (^^)

Like, what kind of mood is good,
What I want in the inside pages,
As the staff and I discussed,
I got to do what I want—!!
The location shoot was fun too (^^)

I'm wishing that
It will be well-received—!!

If Wink up is hidden by other books at the bookstore,
Please arrange the books such that it can be seen!!

Actually yesterday, I was shooting for Wink up,
The staff told me,
"All the Jr. who saw your cover were like, 'Cool———!!'."

Oh, they're very high.

The Jr. who said this,
If you happen to see me,
Please tell it straight to me. Laughs

This is bad, Massu is always saying,
"My cover is good, isn't it—"
I finally understood why he keeps saying that (^^)

Everyone, please look at it tomorrow!!


My cover is good, isn't it? Laughs

-- "Wink up" are all typed in English! The stylised type is "WiNK UP".

Leader~~~! He's really cool on the magazine cover!!

I bought it!! OMG~!! Plus Dec 2013 duet and last few weeks' TV Life featuring Ryo-chan!! ♥♥