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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥97- 手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya 13.11.2013

手越祐也『Let's go!』→

Hello I'm Tegoshi Yuya ♪
Recently I've been doing fulfilling jobs and living.
I also became 26 years old—!
How about everyone?

Though I think there will be people who will have a difficult year end, please try hard to be positive and enjoy whatever the matter may be!

The theme is "re"?
Hmm— Let's go!
The first words to pop out were these Laughs

Whatever the matter, I'm like this.
I wish to end the year such that I can think, "A lot happened in 2013 but it was a good year".
It'd be good if I can give my best in every single thing in year 2014.

I wish to do some stress-relieving activities.

My Japanese Koyama-fan was worried after reading Tego's entry and I told her that he's a positive kid, let's believe in him. Lol..

I truly think that he is tired but he's okay. He's not the type who will fall into depression or attempt suicide, so don't worry, Paana-tachi!!

^_^ Tego, if you're feeling stressed, don't come to SG, go to a relaxing resort to rest, not go to its nearby beach to play, okay?! Lol!! Remember all the love we, your little kittens, have for you! Love is power! ^_^

Anyway, have you left a message to NEWS? They made it onto the Best Artist show! Good work, all the Paana-tachi!!

Oh yeah, I haven't blogged about the day Singaporean Paana-tachi celebrated Tego's birthday!! Sorry!! I've been super tired, lazy, low-spirited recently so much so that I hate my too-high procrastination skills! ;_;!! Beat me! Scold me! ;_;!! I'm tooooooooo lazy!! ;_;!!

Gomen ne.

Sorry for the loooooooooong wait but here it is: Tegoshi's Birthday Celebration Post!!

All the Chankapaana-tachi from all over the world also made a video!! I did not make the video so I was shocked to see my face when I opened the link in Twitter! LOL! XD

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