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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥98- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 20.11.2013

『Let's go!』→お

KonbanMasuda no Takacchi~

It has turned cold, hasn't it~
Have you caught a cold?

I'm also fine today with a T-shirt and parka

In the end, I heard the comments for the magazine and others and Message(s) that I always talk about clothes~ Laughs

Then let's talk about other stuff today!

1 The charm of sneaker
2 The wash that clothes like
3 Wearing that suit to the wedding ceremony?
4 The accessories I ordered recently
5 Something that starts with "o"

Something like this though?

So, 5 words that start with "o"!





I bought lots of new panties* recently—

I also like the older ones so I put them at the back of the shelf, in the front of the shelf are the new ones neatly arranged!

It looks nice actually! Laughs

Indeed, panties and socks are better if they're pretty!

Something like that

Please do set it as Opanty.

-- "KonbanMasuda no Takacchi~" I really can't invent something for this, lol.. It's a combination of "Hello" + "Masuda" and a new nickname for his first name like "Inocchi" from V6, lol! "Takahisa" - "Hisa" + "Cchi" = "Takacchi", lol!!

-- "Message" was typed in English!

-- "panties" is the way to say underwear for both genders in Japan, I guess. Lol!!

-- "Please do" at the last sentence is actually "onegaishimasuru" lol, Massu added a "ru", lol~

Massu is so cute!! And.... Why is he talking about underwear?! LOL!!!!!!! XD Like a girl, this part of him, haha!! XD

Ryo also said that Massu is like a girl when it comes to his bags. Massu's bags must never touch the floor. He will take one chair just to put his bag on it, haha!! Hey, my bags must never touch the floor as well!! Don't you know the floor is dirty?! XD

But luckily, I don't usually bring a bag, haha~

As far as I know, Ryo and Ueda also don't bring a bag when they go out. XD Yay~

The one who brings a big bag, do you know who?

MastuJun! LOL! He's a walking pharmacy!! LOL!! XD

Anyway, back to cute Massu~ He's actually got his manly side! He loves to eat but he is always able to burn everything and turn them into muscles! He will eat whoever says he's fat! LOL!! He can run very fast too! I think he's in the 11secs block for 100m dash! I also love Massu's dance the best in Johnny's! Fluid, sexy, highly technical too!! Ohno is a close competitor for dance even if you disagree!! XD

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