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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥99- 加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki 27.11.2013


Speaking of panty.

Is it ty? Is it te? Is it I? Is it i? Is it —?

I don't know so let's just use ty—. I'll leave it to the next person.

Ty—. That's tea.

Basically, when we say tea, it's red tea. Ryokucha is green tea. Ooloncha is oolong tea.

Food that matches red tea, what do you imagine?

Though milk tea, lemon tea or straight tea will come to mind, well, bread and confectionary also come to mind.

Bread is like scones or apple pie?
It will also definitely go well with the trending pancakes, won't it.

I have never eaten that before so I don't know!!!!

In the first place, among the teas that I have at home, red tea is the one which doesn't really go down in volume. Coffee, green tea, oolong tea and red tea, in that order.

Though coffee is not tea!!!!

I think I'm in the coffee camp more than I'm in the red tea camp. I received a lot of red tea as gifts but... if I don't use it, it's a waste, isn't it.

Speaking of pancake, I remembered something.

Yesterday, I received a souvenir that Tegoshi-kun bought overseas. He went again, didn't he.

"Here! Souvenir for all of you!"

The thing in the bottle is...

Maple!!!! Syrup!!!!!

Hey hey, the one who's happy to receive this was....

"Seriously, thank you Tegoshi!!!"

Koyama-kun. The Koyama-kun who will turn 30 next year.

There were still a lot of maple-san and this syrup-senpai in Tegoshi-kun's bag.

Obviously, some are for his own use.

Didn't you hate sweet stuff?


No—, for me... I stopped using things like maple syrup since high school? Am I too much?

But thank you!! Because I'm happy that you even thought of us while you're overseas...


(I'm not really thinking about returning it to him okay?)

I get it! I'll use it! Thank you Tegoshi!

So, what does one use maple syrup for again? Things like pancake or... French toast?

It's probably good! It's a rare chance, so shall I try making it? If we're talking about tea, I start having that kind of breakfast feeling!

Without me saying, you can roughly tell where Tegoshi went just by him buying maple syrup.

So now, we will be in Best Artist. It's the theme song of the CWC that Tegoshi-san is working as a host for.

The name is "SEVEN COLORS"!

It's been a long time since I danced and sang on television. We will dance a fair bit.
We will also do other songs! You must definitely check it out!

That's all, this was Kato-kun.

-- "CWC" & "SEVEN COLORS" were typed in English. Like, OF COURSE HARU!! Lol!! XD

-- "Talking about tea" was typed in katakana and when I realised it after two days, I laughed out loud!! Lol!! XD

-- "Breakfast feeling" was also typed in katakana. I have no idea why and does one really have breakfast feeling?! Lol!

-- "Check it out" was actually "che ki ra" in katakana, haha!!

And..... Maple syrup = a certain country?! What did Shige mean? Lol! Coz I dunno where Tego went! Is it Morocco?! Coz that's where the CWC is, right?! Lol!! Will NEWS be performing there or in Japan? Last year, they performed WORLD QUEST in Japan right? I dunno!! I'm sooooooooo not detail-oriented!! ;_;!!

Why did he call himself "Kato-kun"?! LOL!!

Tonight's Best Artist, did you watch? I watched a little bit!! First bit I caught was Naoto and then Porno Graffiti!! ♥♥

So I totally missed NEWS who was in between them! ;_; Baka Haru!!

Then it's the special medley from AKB48 with Heavy Rotation, NEWS with Chankapaana and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with Wearing Fake Eyelashes, lol!

Later, I caught V6 singing a song with a very loooooong name, lol!

Lastly, I caught TOKIO with LOVE YOU ONLY, their debut song!! I really like it a lot since last year? Or the year before? Lol!! XD

But yes, unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch NEWS' SEVEN COLOR!!

Luckily there are goddesses everywhere in NEWS fandom!! Ichigocherry-san uploaded SEVEN COLOR on Dailymotion!! Somebody else also uploaded it on YouTube!! ARIGATOU MINNA!!!!!!!!

Can tell that Sakurai dotes on NEWS, lol~ XD The other host, Hattori-san also dotes on Koyama and Shige because they're in Mirai Theatre~ Awwww thanks guys!!!!!!!

One of my friends,Q-chan, feedback that the performance was all over the place, lol!

For me, I think that KoyaShige did very well, like, they got improvement! Then Tego was like, waaaaaaay too excited!! Lol!! XD

And Massu.. Was he feeling unwell? He sounded a bit under the weather! He's smiling really wide though.. But I detected some fatigue behind the facade! ;_;!

Is he okay? I hope it's just a regular flu or something. Get well soon!!

/jumps to conclusion


I'm sooooo gonna repeat-watch that clip!! XD

I've also managed to translate the short lyrics HERE!!

Woohoo!! I love SEVEN COLORS!!!!!!

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