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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥101- 増田貴久 Masuda Takahisa 11.12.2013



Every little one of you!
It's Massu!

Did you catch a cold?

I'm lost what it comes to buying down jackets...
Before wearing a down jacket due to the cold...pu


Tegomass' NEW album & LIVE!

Masterpiece! I'd love to hurry and tell you about this album that I like so much

Though the song "Tsuki no Tomodachi/Friend of Moon", which is composed by Tegoshi and has lyrics written by me, is in the regular edition!

Firstly, it's good starting from the title!

Setting the theme as youth...

Big dreams are better!
If the dream is big, you won't lose sight of it!

I wrote to tell you what I want to see

But I may not be able to tell you if it appears and disappears—!*
Too much of a curve ball Laughs

There are things that I wrote because I want everybody to scream during LIVE ...I'll tell you again! I'm looking forward to the LIVE—

Setting the theme as youth, showing various feelings, I think it made for a wonderful album !

It's been 2years and 3months!
Tegomasu no seishun/Tegomass' youth
Please look forward to it


It's "u" this time


Uri kotoba ni kai kotoba...icchao/I'll end up saying...words of selling or buying*
Uso mo, tama ni wa / Lying is convenient too...well, sometimes it is
Web...suki / I like the Web
U—roncha...yoku nomu / I frequently drink...Oolong tea
Uta...kashu desu / Song (or sing)...I'm a singer
U—ru...choku choku kirai / Wool...sometimes I dislike it




Usagi!! / Rabbit!!

Thanks for today too

-- "pu" is like a short laugh. Massu always write funny things like this, omg, lol..

-- "NEW", "LIVE", "Web" were typed in English!

-- "*" are sentences that I don't understand, sorry!! ;_;!

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to Hiroshima!!!!!!!!!!

After his solo song "Remedy", Massu uses lots of English! XD

Even their "SEVEN COLORS" are pronounced perfectly!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!! Now, NEWS is the group with the best grasp on English pronunciations. Most intelligent group with two university graduates and one undergraduate student. LOL!! XD

Anyone else going to the Tegomass 4th LIVE?! Contact me ne! I'd love to meet you! ♥♥

I also pre-ordered the Limited Edition of "Tegomass no Seishun"!! I'll buy the Regular Edition at the concert venue if there are special things attached!! XD

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