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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥102- 手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya 18.12.2013


Hello— it's Tegoshi Yuya ♪
Right now, I'm writing in the 3am Nitere.
It's going to be live broad cast from here!

My day and night lifestyle has been reversed recently though Laughs
But I do preparations for Tegomass' tour in the day, so I guess it's not reversed after all!

The average amount of sleep I get is 2 hours so I wonder if I can evolve into a human being who can continue to not sleep? Laughs
If I become like this, it would be great coz I could have gotten more things done—♪

The theme this time is gi?
Diffi. The theme being a word game is troublesome—Laughs
Can't it be something other than gi—?

Hmm—. "Gambler—!!"
Coz this is the word that I like!
It's not what everyone thinks it is, it's like doesn't everyone have times in life when you need to take a gamble sometimes in order to live on?
For example, LIVE performances, and the goods are like this too. It's also fine if we keep doing what we're doing, but it's an important gamble to give a performance that we've never done before because we don't know if it is enjoyable or not!
Our options also won't widen if we don't do that.

That's the meaning of gambler—♪
Living life normally and steadily is boring, so I wish to be stimulated from time to time—. Whether they're good or bad stuff—!

One can't grow if there's only good things happening, bad things are sometimes important and one can't develop immunity if one doesn't experience that.

So I wanna be a gambler forever.

We've started moving for the Tegomass 4th Tour officially.
The recordings are all done, the meetings for the concert are also progressing well for making it ♪

I couldn't go and see all of you last year, sorry.
We wanted to do it
But that only accumulated to make me wanna do it better!
I'm also very proud of the album! I wish to hurry up and sing in front of everyone—☆

Please look forward to it, everyone!
Let's flirt, my honeys

-- "Nitere" is NTV channel which is one of the channels that uses lots of Johnny's boys in drama and variety shows! Even in news programmes, too, like "news every." (Koyama) and "News Zero" (Sakurai)!

-- "LIVE" was written in English.

My Tego~~~ He had really heavy bags under his eyes by the end of the year.. Otsukaresama deshita!!

And he really did very well for 2013! He had more attention than Sho at 32% vs 24%!! Yay!! Omedetou!!!!!!

♥♥💝💝♥♥ Super Idol Tego!!


Sorry for being soooooooo late!! m(_ _)m


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