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NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥103- 加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki 25.12.2013


Firstly, it's Merry Christmas. Just like the other years, I spent it watching TV and didn't do anything.

After Christmas ends, it's just waiting for the new year to come. Spring cleaning—

Thinking back, a lot of things happened this year too. We had tour, released an album.
Releasing Senkou Scramble was also in this year. It felt like ages ago...

To say which side this year is on, I'd say it's been a quiet year.
There is "wa/rin" (ring, wheel, loop, circle) a kanji in Japanese, but it's "ko" (individual) for me. *

2012 was the year in which we released a CD with the four of us for the first time, we had LIVEs, started being a regular on "Mirai Theatre" and a radio show, and beyond all that, I debuted as a novelist.
Somehow, it was a sparkling year. Stepping from that, this year, I had the impression that we are strengthening each of those. It's like we started on continuing to level up our skills.

Continuing is more difficult than starting.

By the way, it rained this year and the ground "hardened", right. ...Didn't talk much about that though Laughs

I'm grateful to everyone from the bottom of my heart for the fact that you looked after us. It's all thanks to the fans that we're progressing forward.

so, 2014. How should I go about it.
Firstly, I'm going to do my best in "Shitsuren Chocolatier". Monday 9pm, it's because it's a drama led by my senpai! I can't become the one to drag it down, can I!
I read the original work, it's a character that I really like, so I'm happy that I'm able to play him. In any case, I will make it a charismatic character, so please absolutely watch it!
We haven't started filming it, but we've already been on many programmes for promotion. Those are the programmes that I've never been on so everyday is enjoyable. Fulfilling!

This year's regret is that I couldn't do much acting, so it'd be good if I can do a lot of it next year.

In other words, the Kato Shigeaki in 2014 will run at full speed, so please follow me, everyone!
I will have lots of surprises for you!

So! Thanks for taking care of me this year too! Have a great year!

-- * Perhaps he's trying to say.. What people usually say about a year is like a loop, a round. But for him, it's one year by one year and each year is different..?

Sasuga Shige-sensei. Always say different words and have different views. Haha~~

So happy for Shige-sensei because he's coming out with a third book!! 2014 March 24th!! "Burn"!! So exciting!! I'm so gonna buy it when I go to Japan in April!! XD

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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