Thursday, 5 December 2013 @ 23:00

Nishikido Ryo's Kanjani Sentai Eito Ranger Jweb 5.12.13

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
4.12.13 1810h

Boku desu.
Sugoi hiru ne wo shichaimashita.
Yume wa* oboetemasen.
Moshikashitara mita kedo wasureta no kamoshiremasen.
Konna fuu ni kidukanai uchi ni wasureteru koto tte dore kurai arundeshou ne.


Good evening.
It's me.
I had a great afternoon nap.
I don't remember the dream.
Maybe I saw it but I forgot about it.
One wonders how many things did we forget while we noticed it like this.

-- "wa" should be "ga". XD Reminds me that I need to continue my studies if I wanna take N2 test next year, lol!

Oooo~ Afternoon naps are nice~~ I used to be the only member in my family who doesn't take a nap. Then it'd become really quiet in the afternoon around 3pm, lol! XD Nowadays, I keep wanting to doze off after lunch in the office! XD

The ironies of life.

I'm glad Ryo could at least take an afternoon nap~ ♥

I wonder what he saw in his dream?

Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes, I do remember but half the time, I don't. I'd try really hard to hold on to the memory but it will somehow escape my grasp.. ;_;

Ja mata next week! XD

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