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加藤シゲアキ Kato Shigeaki's NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥105- 8.1.2014


"Tonda kanchigai da ze/Terrible mistake"

Happy New Year. I'm Kato Shigeaki. Isn't my pace fast?

There are people who knew this already but, the publishing of my third novel has been announced.

The name.



Though the title contains lots of meanings, it has the image of "burn!".
Though I've written about friendship and man-woman relationship, this time it's family.
I will have new challenges every time, so if it is enjoyable, I'd feel very honoured.
The release date is 24th March and it's still early, but when the date is approaching, I will talk about it in detail somewhere—.

So, before that.
From next week onwards, "Shitsuren Chocolatier" will start—.

The filming started the other day—.

I will start from the second episode, so I have the feeling of barging in in the middle, but I was welcomed warmly by the cast and staff, they're so kind.
It is a very bustling shooting location.
Thanks to them, I can settle down without feeling shy.

Above all else, Matsumoto Jun-kun is very kind. He talked various stiff with me while I was just standing around at the film location, "How come you decided to write a novel?" And stuff like that...

Arigataya—arigataya—♪(THE MANZAI's Shooting Star Style)

Thanks to him, I could face the filming in a relax way.

That's the kind of Kato Shigeaki. At the filming location, the staff praised me about the same thing.

"You have a nice voice, don't you—"

Or rather, that's the only thing they can say about me.
No, I'm happy though.

Normally, I will have no choice but forced to be puzzled, "Eh...!?" by the members who mental abuse me by saying things like, "Do it, hoarse voice!" Or "Uvula is flying!" *

Will the treatment of my voice change so much just because there's a change of place!

Oi, members—! Are you blind!

I super want to shout.

There's one more thing a staff said.

"Kato-kun, you started from being a special effects hero or something?"

No. I'm from Johnny's.

Speaking of which, saying this myself though, my voice being one of the selling points of Shitsuren Chocolatier, please support it.

So, this year, please take care of me.

-- "Arigataya—arigataya—♪(THE MANZAI no nagareboshi fuu)" is a line from the comedy? I think it means "Thanks", lol~

-- * I really can't decipher this paragraph, sorry!! But isn't it funny?! LOL!! XD

Seems like no one in NEWS knows how to appreciate Shige's hoarse voice! XD I thought people said something like, "Husky = Sexy"???? XD

And what?! Special effects?! LOL!! Hello!! XD "Is Shige so insignificant?!" I wanna yell to that particular staff-san, lol!! XD

Shige's a novelist!! ♥♥ So intelligent and talented! XD I like smart boys, hoho XD

Look out for "Shitsuren Chocolatier" 2nd episode!! XD So sexciting! LOL!!

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