Wednesday, 1 January 2014 @ 17:34

小山慶一郎 Koyama Keiichiro's NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥104- 1.1.2014


Happy New Year

I'm Koyama.

Let's start the first entry of NEWS RING for the new year



From 6th of January, new every. will be one hour longer on Mondays to Thursdays, sta—rting from 3:50pm

The mental state that I'm in now,
Can hardly wait,
And I get to stand in the middle of a reporting programme,
I want to fulfill my responsibility properly

"Weekday caster, weekend idol"

Koyairo Clover—Z Laughs

Speaking of "start",
I'm worried about how well can the shy Shige-chan socialise with the cast of the drama—. Laughs

Speaking in advance,
Please sing "weeeek" together with Jun-kun during the launch

I was super happy during Lucky Seven because we could song together

Tegomass has tour

Right now, I think Tegomass is having meetings, it's quite tiring, but please play a wonderful harmony so that fans can be healed

Speaking of which,
The "start" of 2014 is,
Everyone power up,
Resume activities with NEWS

Everyone, please believe in the resolve of the 4 of us

Now, in January, Koyama will
Work hard in the
"NEWS" programme at "4"

For my individual activities,
I always feel surrounded by the word that makes me feel the existence of my group, I'm so happy

Let's be happy this year too.
No, we will be happy
Coz we will be by your side supporting you

Please look after us this year too

HAPPY NEWS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awwww so cute!! Leader is so funny~~ He managed a word play~!

Congratz to Koyama for being promoted to the main caster for Mondays to Thursdays from 4-5pm!! OMG, leader's so smart!!


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