Wednesday, 22 January 2014 @ 11:16

Tegomass' E-mail Messages for Tegomass no Seishun Release Day!!

Tegomass sent us special e-mail messages again!! ♥♥ They are so cute!! Have you received your "Tegomass no Seishun" album yet? I haven't received mine! It's still on the way thankz to YesAsia free shipping!! ;_;!! I can't wait to listen to the album!!



It's Massuー!


Tegomass' new album
"Tegomass no Seishun / Tegomass' Youth"
Finally today, it's released!
The feelings towards YOU
I sang with strength such that I could convey that!!

Please listen to it lots and fall in love with it (^o^)★

I'm Tegoshi Yuya!

The much awaited album is finally released!
I'd be happy if you listen to this album, and reminisce your youth, and for people in the midst of their youth, it'd be like "Such things exist" and etc, and have resonance with the lyrics somewhere.

I'll be listening to this album everyday going towards the tour, so I'd be happy if everyone would also listen to the album and go towards the tour! For people who can come to the tour, let's enjoy the party together!

For people who can't come, by listening to the album is showing love towards us!
So please send us lots of love!

Last night, Tego was on K-chan NEWS radio show! He recorded a special good night message!!

To commemorate the release of "Tegomass no Seishun", I will leave a present here!

It will be deleted on 29 January, 2359h GMT+8!

ENJOY!! ♥♥

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