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手越祐也 Tegoshi Yuya's NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥106- 15.1.2014


Hello— I'm Tegoshi Yuya ♪
Isn't it super cold—.. Somebody, warm me up— Laughs
Yosse yosse—.
I hope you don't catch a cold—!

The theme is "ze"?
Hmmm—,, I'll go with zenryoku shissou/full speed sprint!!

2014 is an important year for me.
Coz there's the World Cup, the much anticipated Tegomass' album and tour.
I will grow much more in this 1 year.

I'm preparing for the Tegomass tour now!
Looking forward to it. We were so— free that we got asked, "Why are you so free?"
We've always wanted to do it though, sorry for the wait.
But we will make it such that the wait is worth it, so please look forward to it!
I think the tour this time will become a precious one with adult-ish songs.
Songs from the album will be the main show so if you can listen to it before coming, I'll be happy—.
It's become a great album so please listen to it ♪

Then, on 18th Jan at 9pm, the drama, San Oku En Jiken, will be airing—.
I put quite a lot of effort in it, and I enjoyed filming for it, so I wish for you to watch it.
I've already watched it, but including the cast, isn't it a bit too gorgeous Laughs
It's so good that one could say, "Isn't it better for this to be a movie?"!!
It's very interesting so please watch it (^^)

2014 dashed off to a good start, so I wish to go on the attack in my pace without letting anything slipping away, so please take care of me in 2014 too (^^)

Just refer to the NEWS video message in the official website, you'll know that "yosse yosse" is one of Tego's favourite nonsensical phrases. Lol!! XD

I love reading his entries. Fills me up with joy and happiness without fail every time.

I love Tego so so much!!!!!!


Of course we will watch the drama, buy and listen to the album and go the live concert!! OMG!! XD No doubt about it!!

Love you too much to miss any opportunity to see and hear you!!


♥♥My Perfect Prince Tego♥♥

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