Friday, 14 February 2014 @ 14:00

Tegomass 4th LIVE Tegomass no Seishun 2014 CONCERT GOODS LIST!!

YES!! Tegomass no Seishun concert goods are finally out!! OMG!! Can't wait to get them!! SO SUPER CUTE!!

Tegomass' greatest Valentine's Day present for all of us!! ♥♥

Click to see the original picture! It's very big!

So the Usakangaroo........ IS TOO CUTE!! I may end up getting TWO!! XD



Thursday, 6 February 2014 @ 15:26

Nishikido Ryo Jweb ♥ 6.2.2014 ♥ 関ジャニ戦隊∞レンジャー錦戸亮

∞(エイト)レンジャー 錦戸亮
31.01.14 1935h

Ryou chan da yo!

Konshuu wa hayame ni kaiterun da!
Ima kara Msute da yo!
Ganbaru ne!!!


Good evening!!!
It's Ryo-chan!

I'm writing this earlier for this week!
It's M-ste from now on!
I'll work hard okay!!!

-- "Msute" means 'Music Station' but I'm sure you know that already, don't you? ^_~

I haven't watched this episode yet!! XD

Wednesday, 5 February 2014 @ 18:00

Koyama Keiichiro 小山慶一郎 NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥109- 5.2.2014


I'm Koyama Keiichiro!


Image change

I didn't change much of my image, but I cut my hair, and it's a bit different when reporting—

In the past, I liked long and goldish hairstyles, but now, if I was told to sport my past hairstyles, I'd really hate that. Laughs

I can't calm down,
And reading news in that hairstyle isn't very convincing 

Despite that,
I'll still play around with my hairstyle during concert period  Limited time only.

When girls have an image change My heart will skip a beat! Like, suddenly cutting short her long hair

Like, girls who wore spectacles,
Switched to wearing contact lenses

I don't know how much my hairstyle will change this year, but I'll enjoy doing it—

So, I'll be going to every

Haha so cute! We will also enjoy the changes in leader's hairstyles! XD

Recently, his hairstyle is parted at the fringe on his right. It makes him seem more mature and really makes the news reporting much more convincing! Lol!

My mum says that men should always show their forehead in order to succeed in life. But I don't like Tego's current all-up hairstyle! Lol!! XD

Oh well, okay, I'll respect his decision to keep his hair up. But I don't like it. Lol!!


Just two months away to attending Tegomass 4th LIVE in Hiroshima Green Arena!! Omg!! I really can't wait!!

Oh yeah, NEWS DVD is ours too! I've ore-ordered the Limited Edition DVD!! XD So happy!! Can't wait to watch it!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, 1 February 2014 @ 11:30

Special E-mail from Nishikido Ryo for "Dakishimetai"!


Honjitsu, eiga "Dakishimetai -Shinjitsu no Monogatari-" ga koukaishimasu!

Suki na hito, koibito, yome, danna, kyoudai, tomodachi, shiriai... Ironna hito to, ironna kimochi wo kyouyuu dekiru suteki na eiga da to omoimasu.

Mi owatta ato, omowazu dareka wo dakishimetaku naru you na... Sonna sakuhin ni natte orimasu.

Samui fuyu desu keredomo, zehi eigakan ni atatamari ni kitekudasai.

Nishikido Ryou deshita!!!



Today, the movie "I Wish to Hug You -True Story-" will open!

The person you love, your lover, bride, husband, siblings, friends, acquaintance... I think this is a wonderful movie which you can share various feelings with various people.

After watching it, you'd feel like hugging someone without thinking... It's a movie like that.

Though it's a cold winter, please come and warm up in the cinemas.

That's all!!
This was Nishikido Ryo!!!

Awwww! So cute and passionate whenever he's promoting something, lol! XD

I wanna watch this movie!! I wish that Encore Films will bring it into Singapore!!