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My First Tegomass Live Concert!!

COLD!!!!!!! Cold until I can't type properly!!!!!! But I must type in my blog!!!!!! Endure!!!!!!

So we woke up at 6am.. Lol.. OMG.. Tired.. Went down for Toyoko breakfast! Yummy miso soup! *sings Tegomass' Miso Soup*

Then Joy-chan, Q-chan and I decided to take the tram to Hiroshima Green Arena! XD First time on a wired tram!! OMG~ So cool! Lol! The fare was ¥160! XD

We reached at 8am and waited around and soon, a line started to form behind us! Even after we went to sit down for a while, and came back! So I typed my blog painstakingly and finally posted it!

From 8+am, we stood to 1pm!!

This picture was taken by Joy-chan

Second row in queue!!!!!! Look, a lot people behind us and more on the next level!!!!!! And then snaked around the park! XD OMG!!

And some Japanese fellow fans in the LINE group spotted me in the queue because of my hair! XD I love my hair!

At 1pm, the staff-san finally all came out and we were let in to buy the goods!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

My total was ¥18800!

Pamphlet - ¥2200x1
Tote bag - ¥1200x4
Pen case - ¥800x4
Tego photo set - ¥800x1
Tego poster - ¥800x1
Tegomass Uchiwa - ¥600x2
Penlight - ¥1200x1
Tsuki no Tomodachi mascot - ¥1300x2
Calendar - ¥1000x2

Hoho!!!!!! XD My first poster!!!!!!

By 1:18pm, we're out of the selling area!! XD Yahoo!! I didn't forget anything!! Lol!! So, tomorrow, don't need to queue!

We went to have lunch at the underground mall! I was sooooo sleepy!!

My late lunch!! Chicken nanban set (¥734)!! Very yummy and very full!!!!!! XD But I sleep while I eat. Damn good, right. Toooooooooo tired.

Bought a pair of over-the-knees black socks coz it's just too cold! And later, my planned outfit was one of my tube dresses, so it's gonna be TOO COLD if I don't have leggings or long socks!

And bought a pink scunchie with gold shapes printed on it!

Only ¥300 for each! XD Oopz!

Also bought an issue of TV Pia at ¥330 for 2 full pages of Tegomass concert report, lol! ♥♥

We walked back to our hotel in the cold and I was like SUPER TIRED I COULD COLLAPSE but I didn't. Lol..

We quickly dressed up for our "date" with Tegomass!!!!!! XD

To my surprise, YY-chan flagged a cab! Wow, this' probably my first and last time taking a cab in Japan!! XD

We shared the fare and I gave ¥200? I forgot, lol!

Reached Hiroshima Green Arena at about 4:24pm~ Nope, no sign of Tego playing soccer. Lol!!

Photos sent to me by the organiser

Met up with the Japanese fellow fangirls as promised and we took a big group photo!! Spot me! XD

So cute!!!!!!

One of the girls approached me and took photo with me, lol! I received this photo from her! Spot us!

Here's her phone's picture.

And here's the photo from my phone. Lol..

We went into the concert hall at 5:30pm! I just slept at my seat only! Didn't care about image! Lol! Too tired!!

Yes! This arena venue is small! We're at the last few rows at Block C in the "stands". It means the rim of the venue, one level up from the stage.

And yes, that's my favourite shoe. Lol.

Spent ¥3240 to get the Regular Edition of Tegomass no Seishun album just for this super pretty earphone jack!! XD

At 6:25pm, YY-chan started the call for Tegomass! I quickly stood to join in! Q-chan and Joy-chan too! We're all actually same as Tegomass, WATER SIGNS ROCK THE WORLD OKAY!!!!!!! XD

6:30pm to 9pm was our "create happiness" time together with Tegomass!! OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OMG OMG!! ♥♥

Then after the concert, the four of us waited for Andy-chan but she didn't come to the venue! We wasted about 1 or 2 hours before we could finally eat our really really super late dinner at the same place as last night, Fumi-chan. Was dying of hunger, coldness and whatnot.

¥960 each person! We shared these yummy yummy food!

I was falling asleep while eating. But YY-chan shared many stories of our boys and also translated and explained most of the MC from just now! XD Our Tegomass talks a lot! ♥♥ Thankz, YY-chan!!!!!!!

Then we braved the too-cold-and-strong wind and walked alllllllll the way back to our hotel. ;_;! Dying!!!!!!!

Packed, bathed, slept. Tired!!!!!!!!

Throwing a picture here with my beloved Tegoshi!! ♥♥💝💝

Today's expenditure:

¥160 - Tram fare
¥18800 - Tegomass concert goods for my mum, sisters and myself (¥13600 for myself)
¥734 - Chicken nanban
¥600 - Long socks and shushu
¥330 - TV Pia
¥200 - Cab fare
¥3240 - RE of Tegomass no Seishun
¥960 - Dinner
~ S$242.45


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