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Kato Shigeaki 加藤シゲアキ NEWS RING Jweb -RING♥142- 24.9.2014



"Please get along well"

That day. One of my best friends from secondary school, M-kun, called me.

"I have something to talk about..."

He said that in a low voice. He continued to say that he's nearby and whether I want to go for a meal, so I immediately went out because I was worried about him.

After meeting at the yakiniku restaurant, he seemed kind of mysterious.

"What's wrong?"


He took a breath.

"I'm married"

O, Oh.

No, no! Eh!?

He's somehow, a bit playful and was said to be the last to get married within our circle of friends.

But putting the surprise aside, he did have a girlfriend for a year and so it's not that incredible a fact that he's gotten married.

"But, didn't you say that you don't feel like getting married yet? What happened?"

"There's only one reason, isn't there?"

No way!


He nodded.

"I see, congrats!! But, you don't seem that happy...Is this a sad news?"


"How could that be! It's a happy news!"

He's suddenly full of smiles.

...Was he trying to surprise me...

"Weren't you worried!"

"But it's also kind of sad. This way, I'll have less time to have fun with everyone, unlike before. I also have to save money"

So it's like this! It's okay, don't worry! Eat all the meat you like today!

Friends around me are getting married recently. It's really a happy thing that my friends found their life partners and decided to live on together.

One of my fishing buddies held a wedding ceremony. It was like the rainy weather forecast was a lie, it was a sunny day that day.

Because of that, there was a surprise from the venue of the ceremony!

When the two of them swore their love, the ceiling of the church opened!

It's beautiful as the sunshine was like filtering through foliage.

Everyone released balloons into the sky.

It's so pretty that I cried unknowingly.

Happiness is born in this way.

Somehow, I was having a childish thought.

Please remain good friends forever, everyone.


I also want us in NEWS to be friends forever.

So, the harmonious NEWS' special programme "4x9" will be broadcasted on 6th of October.

As it's a variety show which forcefully do house searches, it's going to be a brand new kind of variety show as the 4 of us will be digging 9 weird people at the same time, live.

Of course, the excited us will be shown too.

Please absolutely watch it.


Of course, sensei! I'll watch it! It's such an interesting idea! LOL! Really, Japan is always so creative with their variety shows, haha!! XD

I don't think that our boys will be the ones visiting those people's homes, though. HAHA~ Coz it's live, and they're in the studios~~~~ Can't wait for the Monday after the next to come along!! XD

Remember, it's 6 October, NTV, 23:59~0:54 (JST)~! ♥♥♥♥

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