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I'm Masuda Takahisa!

Sometimes it's hot, it's cold, it's raining...! The temperature is not stable too, I'm not even sure if my "Natsu Pate" has healed

But I'm fine! Laughs
Hope you're not falling ill?

Think of me while eating delicious meals, get properly nourished okay!

So, the word game this time is...


"Roke/Location shoot" →Hot
"Rokugatsu/June" →Seems like a lot of people were born in this month
"Ronge/Long hair" →Longing
"RonT/Long T-shirt" →Wearing it now.
ROCK →Dangerous for my voice
"Ro—te—shon.../Rotation" →It will end!?

Which one should I use?

So, the most popular topic!


Have you seen mina—?!
My monthly clothes column!

Even though the editor gave me one, I still bought two more! Laughs

Please read it every month—

Ah, I'll use "Ro—ru pan ga suki/I like butter brioche rolls"!

m(_ _)m


I'd be happy if people who are coming to watch my newest stage play could read the words from here on,,,

Till now, I wonder if there are people who think that going for stage plays is like going for concerts? There were a lot of people holding things like concert tour goods, fan support goods, and opera glasses .

In the end, I wish that people don't watch stage plays like that !

Wearing plain clothes is fine. I wish that people watch it slowly!!

It is a friendly stage play with beautiful words!
I wish that the people who come for the stage play can be totally engrossed in its world view and enjoy it! Every one of us will all unite our powers as one and work very hard in order to convey our warm wishes!

Sorry for making this kind of request...!

I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing you!


-- "ROCK", "mina" were typed in English!

-- "Natsu Pate" is a kind of summer illness that makes one lethargic, easily irritated, feverish, lose appetite, diarrhoea or constipated.

-- "Butter brioche roll" is a kind of bun that looks really delicious! Click here to read about it! Massu's gotta stop saying he likes so and so food, coz everyone's gonna go crazy over it! Lol!

Awww, Massu is too cute! Of course it's alright to make that request! I think that being quiet and being engrossed are basic courtesy and respect that you can show the actors on the stage. Being a part of the audience, you feel like a group, but unexpectedly, the actors can see your faces clearly! Show them you are interested. They can feel it and that's their sense of achievement and satisfaction! ^_^

I hope that Massu's stage play, "Friend", will be a great success!! How I wish I could watch it at least once ;_;! I've never been to a real stage play before!!

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